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Well now, would you look at that, 1,000 posts. It's a good thing I had a little speech prepared. :B):




First, I'd like to thank God for blessing me with the mental capacity to string together a coherent thought and with the manual dexterity to transfer said thought to this electronic medium in such a way that it does not require a translator to decipher what I have typed. Much love.


I'd also like to extend special thanks to my job and the IT departments apparent willingness to grant Internet access to whomever asks for it without actually researching to see whether it's required for their job or not, per company policy. Even though I don't know any of you by name and probably wouldn't recognize any of you by sight you guys are still great. An extra special thanks goes out to my manager who has willfully allowed himself to be blinded by techno babble and my brusque attitude when answering his inane questions and thus led to believe that a job which could easily be accomplished by two marginally trained monkeys actually consumes all ten hours of my shift, leaving me (until recently) with ample time to cruise the forums for new topics to reply to. Keep up the good work Jim (and hire some more friggin' people so I can make the next ReaperCon, I'm only one man and there is only so much one man can do in a single day)!


I'd like to recognize and thank the following individuals:


Joel47- for getting me hooked on CAV and ensuring that anytime I remotely come close to winning a game against him he immediately pulls in a bystander and "Newbie Dices" me into submission. Thanks for keeping it real Joel... real sneaky! :poke:


Spartan6- The Terran OG and founder of the "The Hall". A true Terran in every sense of the word and quite often the only consistent ally to be had during the numerous verbal attacks aimed at us by the "lesser" factions. :B):


Sergeant Crunch, Saint of Sinners, preFunk and tabascojunkie- You crazy cats, where would I be today without your continuous propaganda tricks against the UFF that required constant rebuttal. I'll tell you where, about 900 posts behind where I am now! Best of luck to you at ReaperCon '06, I hope that Spartans destruction of your forces is quick and relatively painless. :B):


Erion- For keeping us grounded in reality, especially when our hopes for seeing CAV2 before any major holiday/event/day ending in "y" got to high. :B):


vejlin, Cadaver, Nanite, Ranzadule, Lars Porsenna and SaintRigger- for the many spirited and lively debates in Beekeepers. Even the ones where we disagree... actually, all of the ones where we disagree. Sometimes I feel so cheated if I state a point/make a claim and more then one of you agrees. Especially if it involves anything concerning a border wall, national sovereignty, police brutality, the color of the sky, what direction North is, etc, etc... :rolleyes:


To anyone else who has ever posted anything that illicited a response from me, thank you, I couldn't have done this without you.


Peace. I'm out. :B):

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Nice acceptance speech. However you forgot two things.


One, you forgot to thank your baby's mommy.


And you forgot to pour out a 40 in memory of all your fallen homey's.


How could you forget those!


Thankfully there are no babies momma's... that I know of. :blues:


I never waste booze on fallen homey's. Especially homey's that fell still owing me money. Cheapskates. Anything to get out of a debt. :B):


Congrats on your ring Crazy8! We really missed you at the con. I'm still looking forward to playing a game or two with you.


-honored to be mentioned in someone's ascension speech



Yeah, i'm still burnt about missing it. I spent the whole weekend thinking "Could be playing CAV, could be playing CAV, could be drinking Shiner, Could be playing CAV..."



Congrats C8.


I missed slapping your cavs around at RCON.


C'mon now. If I had shown up Spartan and I would've had to share a 1st place. :B):

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