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at what point is a change "official"?

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This is NOT a knock on anyone. I am just curios as to when we can call a change "official"?


When Emmel Eitch posts on it here? (fine, but I know a lot of players that do not come to the forums.)

When it is in the FAQ here and on the Warlords website? (special thanks to Spiritual Exorcist for taking on that job)

When it is in the addendum at Reapergames.com?


Even at the Warlord website, there are some differences..

The data cards disagree with the FAQ. (but not the addendum that I could tell)

The data cards downloads disagree with the Resig Revenge .pdf.


For the most part, these are minor things. I bring this up only to keep us all playing the same game and for my own (obsessive compulsive) need to have everything in order.




In my day job, I write & interpret construction specificaitons. Everyone in the business knows that they are never perfect and there will be discrepencies between the plans, specs, etc.


An "Order of Documents" helps with this often.


1. Addendum - takes precidence over all previously published rules.

2. Faction books.

3. Core rule books.

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When Emmel Eitch posts on it here? (fine, but I know a lot of players that do not come to the forums.)


More often than not what Emmel is doing is making a clarification rather than a specific change to the way rules function.


I do see your point however, not every player accesses this site regularly or at all, so who is to say that Ashkrypt has Defensive Magic until it is/was changed on his datacard at Reapergames and modified on the cards in the packaging. This is the reason I've always included direct links to the discussion in my compiled FAQ, and that I only include things in the FAQ that Reaper peeps have directly ruled on. That being said, I can't say the FAQ i've compiled is 100% official, but it is there as a resource, and all the original contexts are linked so you can see whether or not you agree with the rulings.


As far as I'm concerned when ReaperMatt, Bryan, or Emmel have ruled on something I consider it stamped official. I've compiled the FAQ here in the Warlord Discussions forum because I know the guys and gals at Reaper are under alot of deadlines and working to get the products out to us, so I'm trying to save them time, while giving players a resource.


The FAQ at Reapergames hasn't been updated in some time (nearly a year I believe) so I have issue with using it strictly as the sole resource. Many things have come out (2nd printing and 3 faction books) that have required discussion and interpretation.


I would say you have it correct in your list:


Addendums made here take precidence over previously published materials.


Faction books supercede the Core rulebook


And the Core rulebook is the foundation.

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