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wee bit KB heavy in pix


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Good morning, I've missed painting and so have nothing new to post. Hah! so I shall post some old stuff.

My apologies.


First, DH 2005 Tox. These two are bad guys in my dnd campaign: Sparthas and Parrates. The mini on the left is 2 years old. The right one, in dull browns and such, is one of the first I ever bought when it first came out. I guess I did get better at this stuff. The swords in 'conjure' are metallics, which I still like better than NMM for tabletop appearances though they don't photograph well.


The second is a GW conversion for a key NPC: Tameryn a priestess of magic. I had to cut the standing figure at the waist and merge it with a pair of "mounted" legs from another figure and fiddle the thing to look ok.


The 3rd is a GW wizard I've always like a lot but never used in a game....


4th is DH 2007 another old mini from way back. I like this guy a lot. great sculpt, wouldn't mind seeing a new one in the same pose.


5th and last, the original Darbin the Deadly, DH 2011.


thanks for your time, now back to your regular programmin already in progress.






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Funny you should mention the horse barding. Back when I still bought GW stuff and even had 3 or 4 armies.... I liked to make different barding.


The best I ever made was from some old color-print silk soaked in elmers glue and draped over a bretonnian horse as a mold. then trimmed it when dry and super glued it to the unarmored horses. I'll post some when I can. It worked Great.


The barding on Tameryn's horse is bits of trimmed "foil" from the capsule on a wine bottle. Them little capsules are breat for embossings and imprintings and such and an endless supply of ideas for shields, armor and banners.


hoot hoot.

thanks for the comments

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