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nice edit! I was wondering about the neon green top for a second there.

Nice work. I like the gems in her bracelet.

Glad I'm not the only one!

I was sitting here just staring at it trying to decide exactly what I thought about that green, then scrolled enough to see that. :lol::lol:


Definite progress there, especially on the "top" side of her snake half. I can't quite decide what I think about the direction you went with the weapons, but I don't see it as a bad direction. I really like the base, and will second on the jewels.


Maybe a little less contrast between the colors on the blade would be my main suggestion, or blend in some highlights/shadows to help "explain" the contrast (ie. is it a finish on the flats of the blades? etc..)


I really like her face, the eyes look good from here. Her hair is lovely and her skin color is great!

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I was trying to create flat blackmetal blades with golden edges to them. Like they were enameled black, to make them intimedating

I don't really understand your sugestion Orchid_Noir.

Sorry :blush: Let me try again.


That is what I though they were. I guess what I am seeing is that the flats of the blade appear brown on my monitor, so it left me wondering instead of positive that was what you were doing. This could well just be a part of the internet downfall of not all monitors are the same and mini painters not necessarily being professional photographers (the latter of which eats mine often). I would like the see more highlighting on the gold of the blades, personally, to bring out the shine of the gold. But, if the flats are closer to black than I am seeing, then highlights could easily be getting lost on screen, as well. (I know how much better minis can look in hand)


Please remember that I do not paint NMM (personal preference) so I will differ to someone who does to hopefully step in.


And again I will say I do like her, quite a bit, actually. ::):

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