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ReaperCon Winners

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let me get a few minutes of slow time and I'll make a news post to announce the winners.


later this week looks promising


Slow time....what surviving on no sleep over a three day weekend with games and painting and food, oh my isn't enough. ::D: didn't get enough sleep on the plane ride home? :blink::wacko::wow:


i'm sure everyone who participated this weekend is feeling a just a little googley. get some rest....i can wait.

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Speaking of winners, are we supposed to post our own battle reports for the wins we had in the tournament? I posted my pickup game, and my loss to Doc came through, but nothing else. I understand if they just haven't gotten around to entering all the results yet, but it just seemed odd that my later-round game was in and the earlier ones weren't.


Unless, of course, they are working backwards through the tournament. In which case, it makes complete sense, and I'll shut up now... :lol:



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The second place winner for Warlord was a Dallas player, and Fourth Place in Cav went to a Dallas area player. All the others are from out of town.Mad Pat

Hey Pat, I think Warlord places "2,3&4", are local...we see each other at the "Asylum" tournys.

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I would have at least stood a chance to add my name to those lists if it werent for the fact that I had to forfit both my quarter finals warlord and my semi finals CAV game to go take my painting class.


I didnt have a problem with the forfit, as the class ws definitely worth it. Just saying that there is a chance I could have made your local numbers larger.


Saint V, what part of the area are you in? We get tgether in different places all the time.

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