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Elemental Fire onld and new.

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Actually, I think you could use your top picture in this thread to show you how you could really make this thing pop.


Take a look at your quarter. You see the colors and whatnot that are showing in the reflection (based on the light given off from the elemental)?


Make sure to include that aspect in your base (the glow, reflection, feeling of scorched heat, etc..).


That and I guess related to the actual mini, looks pretty good. But, don't be afraid to take it more dramatic. The greatest heat source is going to be the body and head, but the legs and arms might be a little less considering they are moving around, swishing that heat crackling as it moves. Think of a candle blowing around when you blow on it. Yes, you will keep the yellow white glow, but you will also get darker areas at the tips. Take those tips deeper ....

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Great improvement from the first one. I have recently gotten involved with the whole fire aspect of painting, so am pretty new at it, but one thing I learned from my threads is that there are a lot of different theories as to whether the flame goes from light to dark or dark to light. At the end of the day, I think it is whatever you like. On this one, my only suggestion would be to add more subtle colors in there, some white and orange to show some of the transitions.

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