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not this year


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Im sure some of you have been wondering what is happening with the big clown that totally devistated reaper con last year... and to be honest even though i havent been very active on this forum or with black lightning. i really did want to go to the conn this year but something came up that im sure once i tell you, you will understand.


In december ive been given a chance for freedom at last... as most of you i believe i mentioned even though i am a trucker so the entire country is my back yard. on the other hand i still lived at home with mom very hummiliating inded to even mention it. ive been given an opertunity to puchase my own place at last and to finally have a place to call my own.. i had a major choice to make either to go to reaper conn which last year cost me nearly a thousand dollars or continue to save it up for my new home.


well sadly i choose the latter.. to get freedom at last... next year i intend to be there ill own the house buy then but untill then freedom comes first..


see yall later and i hope someone does my dark spawn justice in the tournament..


see yall arround

hugs and kisses to all the ladies and smacks in back of the heads to all the guys


PEACE :devil:

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sure miss yah at the con


but under the circumstances, glad to see you decided on the house, nothing like having a place to call your own (in my case it's mine while I pay for it, ha ha)


until next year!!! (BTW there was others that took your Dungeon Crawl place in this year's Con!! ha ha)



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I'm glad to see that you're still around and still playing Warlord, John. You were missed this year, but I fully understand your choice. I know I'll be glad when I can afford my own house, and I can finally stop paying rent. Hope to see you next year, then we can get in a rematch of your Darkspawn vs. my Dwarves.





P.S. If you ever get down Georgia way in your travels, and have some free time, stop by Hobbytown, U.S.A. in Kennesaw. We're there every Sunday.

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