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Gunflower Stan

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This is Stan.


Stan was played by Tim Puryear in my Wonderland No More game on Friday. I'm not sure what else needs to be said, other than to mention that Stan was equipped with a shotgun and 50 shells.


The petals are tips off Victoria the Faerie Queen's wings. The gun and knapsack are (sigh) old GW plastic bits i had laying around. The dagger is Reaper. Everything else is greenstuff around an armature of twisted 28ga wire. Concept to completion is about a day and a half, right before Reapercon.

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That is indeed a GW handgun. I submit myself for the flogging with the pasta of your choice.


No shame in that, I'm sure most of us have stuff from "those guys" lying around.


But please drill out/paint a black dot at the end of the gun barrell!

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He sucks Frosch. Just go ahead, pack him up, and send him to me. I'll make sure he's properly disposed of. :devil::lol:::D:


Inspired as usual. I'll posting pics of my turrets and supply trucks Soon, just gotta finish cleaning up mold lines and make greenstuff tarps.


Edit: was his character class "Deathblossom" per chance?

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