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Four dwarves and a head hunting Ogre

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I do not think my emails are getting through so I figured I would go ahead and post up a few images and see what kind of response I get. All feedback is welcome positive or negative. I will never improve without honest criticism.




Btw the Ogre stands $5 mm form the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. If he were standing straight he would be a bout 50 mm tall.


The dwraf with the Two handed sword was still WIP when I took these pics. He ios finished now ( hair and Furred cloak ).














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I have ZERO sculpting ability, so I have no idea how hard my suggestions are to implement, so take or leave my advice. :D


Two Handed Axe dwarf - The axe could use some additional detail on the blade itself. Might also sharpen the rear spike portion to make it a more useful weapon. Armor and cloak look good. I'm not sure what is up with the inside of the cloak, it might just be the unpainted effect that makes it look a bit odd. Might add a dip or two in it for folds. At a wooden toggle to the front of the belt pouch to hold it shut. Shoulder medallion could use a bit more depth. The bald head and beard is a different, but well done combo.


Axe/shield combo - My favorite of the 3. The armor is well done. Shield is super, both the front and back. The top braid is cool. Might add a bit more depth to the cuts on the belt/should medallions. Same suggestions on the axe blade as above. Intensity on the face is excellent.


Sword/shield combo – Sheild is great. The bracelets are a nice touch. Muscles look good. Strengthen the definition on the belt. Make a sharper point on the end of the sword, makes it easier to stab orcs.


Two-handed sword – I’m not a fan of the large rounded corners on the cloak, but that is personal preference. Otherwise this one is solid.


Overall on the dwarves, there is something about the beards that doesn't quite jive with my view of dwarves. It is largely the lack of a moustache, but I think the "neatness" of their beards may have something to do with it too. Your facial intensity and eyebrows are excellent. Gives them a typical dwarven seriousness.




Ogre - Like the look on this mini. Can’t see the front of the shield, but the back is superb. The only complaint is the length of the club. It’s too short. Fix that and you’re good to go.

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45 mm yes. Whoopsie.


Law Giver... All good suggestions and quite do-able. It is funny that sometimes you cannot see what something you are working on actually looks like until someone else points out the flaws and snags. This is partly the reason for the post.


Looking at the pics now I think I may have rushed through these a bit too much. Each figure was completed in about 6 hours working time that stretched over about 2 days. I will defintiely be going back to the drawing board for the medallion details to sharpen them up a bit.


Thanks for the very constructive feedback.


Stern... Thanks man. I was really hoping that I at least got the gesture and a sense of movement right.

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Cool figures. From the details and proportions, they have a very strong "Celtos" vibe going on. Have you considered contacting Brigade?


Agree about the beards. Shape of the beards is a little unnatural. They start so low on the face and they're very poofy. They don't seem to have a natural weight to them.


The hands, while cleanly sculpted, are a bit of a weak spot as well. The guys holding the two handed weapons look the hands don't quite line up with handles. The closed fists in general are a little too symmetrical and at least from the angles of the pics, some look upside down. Focus on the natural arcs of the hands and knuckle ridges.


That's just nit-picky stuff of course. They're quite good. I'm not a big fan of the style, but your sculpts are better than a lot of what's on the market already.

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Thanks for all the constructive crits and compliments as well Gubser. I am bothered by the hands as well, but have yet to really " master " them. I am working on that though.


Guess I need to go back to the drawing board on the beards though. I was going for a kind of exaggeatedly thick " comic book " stylization for the beards though. Guess I missed the mark.

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I like the beards. They have a "well cared for" look to them. These chaps strike as me as upper crust celtic dwarves. The kind of guys who don't have anything better to do than woo dwarfettes, polish their armor, and fight ogres.



If you get these guys cast, they will definately make it into my collection.

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Guess I need to go back to the drawing board on the beards though. I was going for a kind of exaggeatedly thick " comic book " stylization for the beards though. Guess I missed the mark.



If they turned out the way you wanted them to, leave them as is.

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Matt's got the sculpting skills to be able to nit-pick and provide constructive criticism. Me, I'm just a fan of Dwarves and think they rock pretty hard, and I would buy these figures; I actually thought the beards gave a different look to these Dwarves from everything else out there. I would follow Gubs advice and leave these as is, and work out the kinks on your next sculpts. There comes a point when maybe perfection ain't what it's cracked up to be. The Ogre rocks too.


P.S. pm me if they're ever cast up please.

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These will definitely be cast up and made availible. If I do not find an interested company then I will do it myself. No sense wasting all this effort.


Many thanks for interest everyone. And I think I will leave the beards as they are. Incidentally I will be finishing up the fifth of this series tonight or tommorrow. He is a bit more stately posed with a long hafted War Hammer. I hope you guys will like him as well. :)

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