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are those the Painter series (just hacked up & redesigned)???


if so how did you get that thing to stablized with that many tiers on it, tried stickin a 4 + a 2 together one time & it leaned over worse then no base or little based minis


It is a little wobbly but I used all short center spacers and tightened the heck out of it all. It works terrific and doesn't wobble at all if you turn it from the bottom tier. We actually have 2 of the 4-tier Paintiers and I just cobbled them together using the leftover parts for my desk.


We got the paint and both racks from the Warstore.

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For paint storage, I use a couple of wire mesh things that I picked up from Staples (in the desk organizers section) for less than $7.00 each.


Here's a link to them in the Staples online store


I'm I'm remembering correctly, they hold something like 85 MSP bottles. Put a dot of paint on the top of your bottle, and you should have a pretty easy time finding the color you are looking for.


Maybe one of these days I'll take a picture of my workspace again.

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