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Favorite Reaper Mini Sculpter?


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Just found this topic. Not in these parts too often. Thought I should set the record straight (or at least straighter than it is at the moment).


I haven't stopped Spyglass Miniatures. Spyglass's direction as of last November wasn't working too well. I'd lost my webmaster and didn't really know enough about html to keep the site updated. Also, my newer figures had met with reduced sales. I think part of that was a bit of burnout on my part. I wasn't in the best place to just grind on through so I stopped producing new sculpts for Spyglass for the time being. I didn't have the time to build a new site so, when my hosting lapsed I let the site disappear.


I have continued all the way through to sell to trade as normal. Andy at Heresy took on Spyglass as a trade account. He doesn't cast himself, he buys them from me like any other retailer (thanking Andy here again for keeping Spyglass making some money through all this :) ).


The whole SJB studios thing is something that has been in planning since even before I started Spyglass. I've always had a good relationship with the guys at cmon and I'd always said I'd do an exclusive line for them. It's just finding the time. Whereas Spyglass dealt in smaller 28mm figs, this lot would be 35mm and more bulky and detailed. I'll do more when time permits. It's certainly not a replacement for Spyglass. It's just another avenue that happens to be a nice easy setup for all concerned. No website required on my part and only one trade account to deal with. Just a nice co-production.


In the meantime I've been freelancing elsewhere and making money in other ways to recharge my batteries. Feeling much better about sculpting again after some interesting freelance projects and keep turning my eye back to Spyglass. It'll be back one of these days as an active company with a site and new figs. Until then, Spyglass is still going and has never been otherwise.


Steve Buddle

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For CAV stuff, It's got to be Blitz (Neil Nowatzki).


Matt Gubser has impressed me so much I've begun hunting down his stuff for other companies. People around here can't get his Avatar of Aurelius fast enough.

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