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Phone message


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You are BONK!ed.


If you feel you have been BONK!ed in error, press 1 now.


If you wish to be BONK!ed again, press 2 now.


If you wish to be BONK!ed by another of the official BONK!ers, press 3, now.


If your BONK!ing was defective, press 4 now.


If there were technical difficulties involving your BONK!ing, press 5 now.


To repeat this menu, press 6 now.


To return to the previous menu, press the pound key.




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Well this is kinda sad, I really wanted you to answer the phone so we could tell you this news. (pause) I mean really this is the kinda news you just don't leave on the answering machine. It's about your family (pause) I mean the kinda interest rate they might have to pay to some other bank might be huge, but with the Super Fun Mortgage company you will only have to pay (beep)

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Good afternorming sir or madame as the case may be. We are conducting a survey in your area and would like to know if there are any children between the ages of eight and eight-hundred residing in your household. This will only take a few hours of your valuable time and your cooperation will be handsomely rewarded with three-hundred dollars worth of useless coupons and mail-in rebates for junk you will likely never purchase. If you would like to respond to this survey, please call me back around eightish when I am having dinner with your girlfriend or boyfriend as the case may be. Good-day to you.


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Is yur frigerator running?


Ahhh <snicker> You better go hurry and catch up to it.


Ah hah ahah ahaha haa


Dude, dude, pass the phone, lemme do one too...


Okay, so, ummm there was this guy, and he was like calling


<You have fifteen seconds>


Oh crap 15 seconds left. Dude, I only have 15 seconds. Gotta make this quick





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