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I seriously need a new camera...


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...and a generous helping of "No Suck" for my painting ::P:


This is to establish my "Street Cred" so that I can participate in the Summer Mini Exchange. Honestly, he looks better in person, but a 5 year old digital camera that uses floppies kinda takes the edge off most paint jobs. I wish I could find my proper backdrop and bounce card.


Ah well, enjoy (or not) - the feared giant, Hugh Mongos!



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Out of curiosity, what's in the basket?


Looks good, could use some more shading on the skin. A good clean paintjob.


The basket is from an old Mordheim ogre that I had lying around - peeking out from under the tarp are a skaven and a humanoid of some type (the basket's too small to hold a human - halfling, maybe?) I presume that they're for lunch later. :wow: The humanoid has a hand sticking out, so I GS'd a scrap of paper in it, and painted "Help!" on the paper. It fit the "Pick up and stuff into bag" attack that giants get in Warhammer - yes, he's for my Orc and Gobbo army in that game. In Warlord, I play Dwarves.

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