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I feel kinda stuck...

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I was thinking for mine to use the ivory triad, or maybe the desert sand triad. Either which way, I think I will end up with a off white and golden yellow. Maybe throw some blue and red in as tertiary colors. Course, mine will more than likely stay the color of pewter for quite some time...

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I think I will try wheeling out the Deserty triad and give it a spin. I'll update in a day or two. Thanks for the input.



If you use the desert triad on the robes, that and the brown of the horse come in as "yellow" on the color wheel. You have a redish purple on the saddle blanket, so for other detals I reccomend a really dark purplish blue.

This should work because yellow and purple are opposite from eachother on the color wheel, and you aren't using true purple to compliment it, but purple tweaked towards the two colors next to it. (split complimentary). Making the Purple-blue really dark will add some value contrast to your mini, so it will work well with the light robes and mid-dark of the horse and your purple red.

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