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East Coast FoW Charity Tournament


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Each year, Walter Reed Army Medical Center personnel do a fund raising drive for Army Emergency Relief, which is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping soldiers and their families with financial problems. This year, to help the fund raising, a local store has agreed to host the First Annual Flames of War Charity Tournament - we thought it would be appropriate, since AER was incorporated by the Secretary of Defense in 1942.


I would appreciate it if y'all would help spread the word to stores in the region, or let me know who is around so I can contact them. You can click here for the tourney flyer for details, but in a nutshell:


48 player slots

Over $1500 in prizes

Free Lunch


Hope to see you in June, but if you cannot make it, you can always sponsor a player - PM me for details.



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Heh - somebody told me "wait a minute, there is no such thing as a free lunch!"


I suppose they are correct, as you do have to play to get it. Or you could hope that *your* door prize (everybody gets one) is the $100 gift card to Red Lobster...


Incidentally, if anyone wants to sponsor a player, I'll send their door prize to them.

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I wish I could get there. Heck, I'd be a shoo-in for the "Worst Luck" category. Firk ding blast. . . . it would be great to make a worthewhile donation, actually play the game, and just hang out and have fun.


Oh well - I might just settle for making the donation instead.

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