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Overlord Crossbowmen Stats

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Having decided to revisit Warlord I'm looking at an Overlords company and have a few questions. Before investing I want to be sure I understand some of the stats from data cards, etc. Overlords Crossbowmen are listed as grunts but I asume this is an error and they are adepts like other ranged support troops.


The crossbowmen are supplied with a very large Pavise. A Pavise of that size with ground spike etc would weigh over 25 lb and take time to relocate but I see no special rules for its use. I would expect you to have to use pickup/carry or a special ability to move with it but stats are 6 for Mov like most other archers. This doesn't make any sense. Did I miss something in the rules about these crossbowmen?


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The Overlord Faction book is next for release after the Nefsokar book. I am confident all of your questions will be answered therein. I don't use the pavase with my Crossbowmen as there is no mention of it in the corebook or on the datacard. The Overlords seem to be a faction that used tight formations and maybe this is something to do with that.


It is also possible that Emmel Eitch will pop in and spoil some stuff from that book like he did the Nefsokar with the Desert Wind thingy. ;)

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You are correct about them being changed to adepts. As far as the pavise, I haven't seen any special rules for them so far. While you are correct about the difficulty of moving and repositioning them, they are apparently just for cool looks. They were a bit of a challenge (for me anyway) to fit on the bases, but I think that they look awesome! I guess they are kind of like the Calliope that Duke Gerard and Ivar wear on their backs. They look cool, but in real live I think they would fall over and be stuck like turtles on their backs...... :lol:



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