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More awful B5 minis


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Is the bald guy picking his nose? :huh:


Sometimes, when he's nervous, he likes to put his fingers under his armpits, then smell 'em.


Rant mode acticated:


Babyon 5 was something special, it deserves special merchandise. Over the years though, the B5 tie-0ins were mostly crappy. The comics? The novels? Fairly poor. Sure I loved the CCG to death, but by the time it imploded, I think it may have had more cards released then the entire run of either Deciphers Star Trek, or Star Wars.


B5 Miniatures used to be the shining beacon in space, all alone in the night. AOG made some great products, and it's a pity Mongoose is having troubles carrying on that legacy.

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I've got a pair of very early Reapers (Frank, and Frank's Bride) that are worse than these, by the way. Granted, that's not really saying a whole lot.

I have some MiniFig Boers lurking around...


But yeah - ugh, the B5 minis are bad. They remind me of those old Leading Edge Colonial Marines (from Aliens), except those were a little less static.

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