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Jasco/Game Exchange Warlord Open 3

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Despite getting stomped two out of three games and barely winning the third, I had a good time!!


The first round I played Mark's son Sean. I was playing Reptus this time around (just for fun) and Sean had Dwarves. I must say, he had King Thorgram and had him totally decked out. He pretty much owned Khong-To! :blink: I won this round, but it came down to the last roll of the dice as time was called for me to win. Wow, what a good game!! ::):


The second round I played against Lincoln. He was fielding Razig's Revenge. The first activation of the game he killed my mage and all six archers with his Bone Marines!!!! :blink::blink::blink: The rest of the game just sorta went downhill from there. ::(:


The third game was against Mark's Vampires!! It almost turned into two sub-games. On my left flank, I had Khong-To and his troop with like Uru, 2 trolls, and a unit of breakers against Judas and his squad, the Bone Horror, Lord Vandrian, and a Bloodseeker Vampire solo. Theoretically, I should have been able to AT LEAST take out half of that opposing force before getting my a$$ handed to me. Instead, I killed like 3 models!! :upside: However, my right flank cleaned house and I still had my captain unhurt and all 5 archers remaining. Stupid Khong-To... :devil:


All in all, good times were had by Micah and myself. Hopefully he'll be able to log on and say a few things. ^_^


We were talking on the drive back how to convince more people to come with us next time. :lol:


Wild Bill :blues:

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As promised a couple of shots of the days action.


After a fun filled scramble for flags in the first round ice breaker the real one on one action starts at the top of round 2. With almost a packed house.




Darren's Elves taking the field with their captured flags from round one, giving him a free standard upgrade for each troop with a flag.




Emmel Eitch and Saint Vierzehn go head to head in round 3 it was a hard fought game for both of them.




Darren and Gus set up for the final match up for round 4, on the dreaded snow table provided by Stubdog for the day. Everyone who saw it thought it was cool, everyone who played it cursed his name.



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With the new topic of freelance armies being discussed I was wondering if Gus would kindly post his winning freelance army so we can have an idea of what swept the tourney. I like to have as many of the facts available before I chip in because I usually stick my foot in my mouth otherwise. And of course a big congrats to you Gus for the win.

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With the new topic of freelance armies being discussed I was wondering if Gus would kindly post his winning freelance army so we can have an idea of what swept the tourney. I like to have as many of the facts available before I chip in because I usually stick my foot in my mouth otherwise. And of course a big congrats to you Gus for the win.

Well, at the risk of giving my Origins opponents the advantage of seeing my list, here goes. I went with 8 troops to help maximize my initiative cards. Getting first initiative in the final round can be crucial, since the games ended when time was called, it's like getting free turns if you can go before your opponent. :B):


This is the exact list I played Saturday:



6x Shield Maidens



6x Elf Archers


Chosen of Sokar

6x Bull Orc Archers


Kak'Urgh (w/ Divine Favor)

4x Dwarf Piercers

6x Tomb Guards


Sir Malcolm

6x Reptus Archers






River Troll


That's right - a mummy leading orcs, and an orc leading mummies. Can you smell the cheese? :devil:

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Woohoo, I'm in one of the pics!

In the first pic, I'm the bearded guy in the light blue shirt to the right (just left of the bearded guy in the green shirt).


In the first round I managed to capture one flag. :blush:


Second round I lost to Lincoln's Razig army. I did kill the Dark Maiden and knocked Razig down once, but that was about all the damage I did and I conceded with about 10 minutes to go as I had a total of 3 models still on the board.


Third round I beat Micah's Mercenary force. That round saw my best and worst luck in the tourney: I teleported Lola to try to kill Lorielle, finding I was half an inch short of reaching her rear so I had to attack her from the front and I needed just 3s to hit (the rear attack would have been auto-hits); instead I roll a pair of 2s. Later, however, I had Selthak doubleshoot Ymrilix, and I needed 10s to hit and I rolled a pair of 10s. :blink:


Fourth round was against Aaron's Necropolis, and when time was called he still outnumbered me about 2-to-1 in models, but all of my remaining models were characters, while most of his were soldiers, so I managed to win that one by points.

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Gus's army is easily beatable, just terribly hard in a limited turn, limited time battle. I had lots of pressure on him in my game, that was just the game where Murphy decided that I should not roll higher than a 5 the entire time.


Then also terrain comes into play bigtime.... That is actuallly a problem with most of the tourneys that I have been to. Most will have some interesting items to throw on the table, a building here a bush there, maybe a little cover. But, none of them go and actually have dynamic terrain, rolling hills, ravines, buildings you can get inside, etc... That makes a huge difference, not just against rosters like Gus' cheese, but against all groups and makes it much more interseting and fun sometimes. That is also why people were frustrated with my terrain because it was very dynamic compared to what people were used to.


as far as I know Gus only had to play on terrain that had lots of cover in his final game, and it turns out in that game he played against Darin and his band of elven archers. So, both players forces were at a disadvantage on that table, it is just that Gus didnt have to compete against someone that would have had a better army suited for that table.


Now having said all of that, I can still say that I agree with the statements said that as more books and more models come out, the disparity will become larger as the freelance persons' choices also grow.


I also agree that the merc 25% rule might be a way to try to steer the freelance groups. Maybe something along the lines of limiting the number of different factions whose groups you can pull from, or like the merc rule, where they have to be in their own troops in the army list. The only problem currently with the 25% merc rule, is the obvious liimitation of only using faction: mercs verses models from other factions.


I guess part of my response should be in that other thread, but since this all does come from the tourney, I am sticking it here.

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One other thing to note.... Is that the rounds were actually hour and half each, not one hour as originally stated.


I want to single out Micah for a moment to say kudos for taking that change in stride. He had an awesome small 2 troop bulked up force that was geared specifically to take advantage of the short timeframe, but still managed to have some success holding people off in the longer times and kept a great attitude whilest doing it.


He was major outnumbered but figured with the very short time frame he could actually use that to his advantage. The change in tourney format didnt help him, but he still had some success and a good time from what I could tell.

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