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The Darakan Chronicles, Ice and Madness (OOC)


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Firstly, I blame Spike for this one.


Secondly, I will be running a DnD3.5E game here, based on the home-brew game world called ‘The Darakan Chronicles’.


I am looking for 4, at most 5 players who can commit to a three postings/week schedule. I am not looking for ‘War and Peace’ of a background, but three immediate goals, and three long-term goals would be great. Hooks and flaws are what make a character interesting, instead of a collection of Hit Points and Base Attack Bonuses.


Allowed books will be the Big Three: Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual (Volumes 1 to gods knows what), published by Wizards of the Coast.


All basic races and classes are allowed, and come to you in their un-altered forms, but let me go over some of the peculiars for you.


Sorcerers: Sorcery is what most people (in the game world) think of ‘magic’ as being. Rather spontaneous, and a little wary of such things. Any race can be a Sorcerer.


Wizards: This is what ‘Elven’ magic is. The Elves are rather secretive on how the training works, and if you’ve been allowed to learn from them, consider yourself blessed indeed. Many Elves will at least dabble in the stuff, and even a few will focus on it. Non-Elves learning Wizard classes are rare. (At least among the NPCs)


Much, much more coming soon.



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This isn't some kind of trick is it?


An accidental posting perhaps...


Typing out loud again Jay?


I'm in dam it.





No joke, Stern. It's going to happen.


I should warn you: I am setting this one ten years after the Adventures of The Seven, so I might have Stern come in as a cameo, but you can feel free to roll something else up.


PM me your ideas, That's two so far.



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Count me as in.

Making a character will be a nice break from painting this weekend.


Where in the timeline is this going to be in relation to the other campaign you stated awhile back, The Tale of the Five, that started in the town of Apple?

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