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The Darakan Chronicles, Ice and Madness (OOC)


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I'm hitting some confusion - probably because it's late at night and after the day I had at work, the brain is putty.


I'm creating a female elven wizard. I'm using PHB 3.0 because that's all I have. I was going to rehash an old character and that proved utterly fruitless, so I started from scratch. Keep in mind I was never really shown HOW to create a character, my former DM's before LSH usually just asked me what I wanted to be, had me roll some dice and they took care of everything else. Yeah, certainly not the way to try to learn how to do this. :rolleyes: So I'm winging it the best I can. Unfortunately when numbers become involved my poor brain seems to go nutty.


Here's what I have:


Name: Al'Yana Holimion

AGE: 110

Height: 5ft

Weight: 95

Eyes: blue

Hair: Black

Deity: Corellon

Alignment: NG

Race: Elf

Class: Wizard



DEX=16 +2(Due to being an elf) & +4?

CON=16 -2(Ditto) & +2?

INT=18 (+4?)

WIS=15 (+2?)

CHA=13 (+1?)


Now what the heck is my intelligence modifier? I think it is +4. (Thank you D&D for Dummies - Yes don't laugh, I OWN that book!) How would I figure that out? Any modifiers I'm missing? Any I need to change?


Weapons: Quarterstaff, Dagger (Should I add more?)


Languages: Elven, Common, Draconic, Orc (Am I supposed to have more or less? )


Racial bonus of +2 on spot, search, and listen


+2 against enchantment, immunity to sleep spells


Base attack bonus is +1


Class skills: Concentration, Craft, Knowledge, Profession, Spellcraft, Alchemy, and Scry

I'm going to need to pick a craft and a profession. I was thinking Weaving for the craft, and either Cook or Apothecary for Profession.


Do I need to worry about skills points and figuring them out? Do I need to figure out Fortitude, Reflex and Will saving throws?


Also how many experience points does a level 3 character usually have? What feats should I have?

Possible feats: scribe scroll, spell focus, spell mastery


Anything that changed with 3.5 I should know about for elves and wizards?


Yes, I know, to many questions, but I want to do this right the first time and not have to redo anything. I'm also trying to learn things as I go along so in the future I won't have to ask so many questions I hope. :unsure:


Thanks for your help guys, I'll check in sometime tomorrow to see what y'all say. I have gardening to do tomorrow and might not be online till the afternoon.

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Your skill modifiers look pretty much correct.


Mind you the character sheet I posted was the first sheet I made entirely by myself (with a wee pointer from Qwyk about Feats). Don't feel bad though. The Player Manual is about as helpful when making a character as a lump of green cheese.


Use THIS SITE to find the various charts and skills to help build your character. You can also DL a blank 3.5 character sheet via Adobe Acrobat Reader if you need one.


As for Fortitude, Reflex and Will, there is a table with base save throws for each class on the site I linked to. Go to the "classes" link and check out "wizards". There you will find a chart with the saving throws for each level of wizard. On your character sheet there should be a column for writing that modifier and a column for skill modifier too. Your Fortitude is your base fortitude saving throw plus your Constitution skill modifier. Reflex is base saving throw plus Dexterity modifier. Will is base save plus Wisdom modifier. Other modifiers might come into the equation too, such as any Feats or Abilities you gain because of your Class or Race.


In the 3.5 your automatic languages are Common and Elven. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, and Sylvan


(Yay! somebody ELSE who speaks orc!)


Dealing out my skill points used to do my head in, but it's really not too complicated. Once you print your char-sheet, go and check all the little boxes next to all the skills that are "Class Skills" for Wizards.


There is a chart that tells how many skill points you earn per level, in your case it would be "(2 + INT modifier) X 4" for 1st level and another "2 + INT modifier" for each of the next two levels..so in your case you have 36 skill points to spend.


A "rank" in a skill is bought with skill points and each rank adds +1 to your die roll when you try to use that skill.


To "buy" a rank in a Class Skill costs 1 skill point. To buy a rank in a skill that is not a Clas Skill costs 2 skill points.


There is another handy-dandy chart on that site under the "skills" heading that tells exactly what each skill does. Think about the things you will be most likely to need to know how to do and try to put points in those skills.


There are also limitations on how many points you can spend on a skill (how many "ranks" you can have in a skill) The maximum number of ranks you can buy in a skill is equal to your character level + 3.


As for Feats, you might get some automatically (check the "Classes" link to see what wizards get), and if I am not mistaken, ALL characters get to pick a feat at 1st level and another feat at 3rd level too. Check the "Feats" link to see which feats fit you best.


I know I aint' exactly an expert, but I hope any of this can help you. Qwyk and Stern both know tons more about this than I do.


Good luck.

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Modifiers are correct for ability scores.

Just make your Dex and Con their adjusted values (18 & 14 respectively). No need to leave all the +/- it's permanent.

You need to add 2 more languages, you get 4 bonus for Intelligence. Elf and Common are freebies.


Skills - Class skills mean these are skills that cost only one skill point, other skills (cross class) costs 2 skill points for a rank. You don't HAVE to have ranks in a class skill. It's your choice for Profession and Class, but for low level PC's, it's not usually something you spend a lot of points on unless you're doing so as part of a backstory. Usually you also focus on either Profession or Craft, not both. At third level, you would have (2+4)x4 + (2+4) + (2+4) = 36 points. 3rd level characters can have no more than 6 ranks in a class skill, 3 ranks in a cross class skill. Alchemy is now Craft (Alchemy). Scry no longer exists. 3.5 wizards have as classes skills: Concentration, Craft, Decipher Script, all Knowledge, Profession, and Spellcraft


Important skills for a wizards are: Concentration, Knowledge (Arcane), Spellcraft. I would put max ranks in those right off the bat. You'd have 18 points left to spend. Use those to fill out the backstory or style of your wizard. ex; If she's a bookish nerd, Max out Decipher Script and then split the remaining 12 into various Knowledges. If she's a warmage, maybe some ranks in Knowledge (history - for the wars and stuff), Knowledge (Engineering) and then some cross class skills like maybe Gather Info, Intimidate, Survival.


Wizards get a number of Bonus Feats as they progress in level. A level 3 Wizard has Scribe Scroll. You can pick two more (for 1st level and 3rd level). Combat Casting is always a good first level feat. Allows you to cast in melee combat without suffering attacks of opportunity (if you take some Ranks in Concentration). Definitely recommend this. For your second feat, a lot of that depends on the style of Wizard. Spell Mastery is a good one, especially if you use it for spells that can get you out of trouble if you have lost access to your spell book (Knock is a great one for this). You can "Master" 4 spells because of your Int modifier.


The hardest part about making a wizard is making the wizard's spellbook.


You start with all 0 level spells, plus seven 1st level spells (3 to start +4 for your Int).

Each new level you gain, you get 2 more spells of any level you can cast.

You can also buy and transcribe new spells into your spellbook. Since you can't use armor, your weapons cost next to nothing, and 1000 gp is too little to actually buy a magic item, I'd spend some of your starting gold on buffing out your spell book. At third level, your spellbook would contain for free:


All 0 level spells, 9 first level spells, and 2 more spells of either 1st or 2nd level, however you want to decide.

A spellbook contains 100 pages. Right now, with these spells you have between 30 and 32 pages used (depending on what level you choose for those last 2 spells)


Buying spells: 100 gp in materials per page (# pages = level of spell) that's to copy it into your book. You also need to find a source of the spell. Buying a scroll is the easiest and most cost effective way. A 1st level spell costs 25 gp + cost of any special materials. 2nd level spells cost 150 gp + materials.


So, essentially, to purchase a 1st level spell it costs 125 gp, 2nd level spell 350 gp.


If you have Identify as one of your selected spells. 1) I recommend it. 2) make sure you purchase at least one 100 gp value pearl. It is a required component of the spell (also why a scroll of identify costs 125 gp instead of 25 gp.

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Ohhh linkies! Thanks Spike! That was incredibly helpful! ::D: I agree the PHB isn't the most helpful thing in the world.


Qwyk: Thanks for all the info, I'm going to reread all that a few times to make sure I properly digest it. I'm tired enough that half of it looked like Greek, so I'm going to reread it after some good sleep and I'm sure it will make much better sense then.


I just got back from having a bonfire out back with the family. My sister is still out back around the fire with her girlfriend and another friend polishing off a few beers.


I'm just beat from a day of gardening and working on my bonsai trees. I probably spent 5 hours simply pruning and wiring them. My Chinese elm received a serious hair cut, and my Bristlecone pines met Mr. Wire.


I'm considering a good intro story for my character. Something a few paragraphs long. I'm not writing a novel like I normally do. LSH has seen my writing on many occassions. He's one of the choice few privy to my mental wanderings of a verbose nature, say normally about 10-75 pages? Speaking of which, I haven't written much in a few months, time to consider doing that again...

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OK Qwyk,

What you are saying, is this:



DEX=16 +2(Due to being an elf) & +4? (Should be a +3 not +4)

CON=16 -2(Ditto) & +2? (Should be +3 not +2)

INT=18 (+4?)

WIS=15 (+2?)

CHA=13 (+1?)


Becomes this:


STR: 11

DEX: 18

CON: 14

INT: 22

WIS: 17

CHA: 14


My question: On The Dexterity I added the +2, but in D&D for Dummies It says if I roll a 16 for a score, I have a +3 modifier. Wouldn't that get added in also or doesn't it count? On Constitution I loose two points for having an elven character, yet in rolling a 16 initially wouldn't that give me the +3? I guess I'm confused here. I would think Dexterity would come out to a 21, and Constitution a 17. Count me confused, anyone care to clarify? Please bare with me here guys, I'm not far beyond clueless with this.


So were we supposed to write our own intros? I thought LSH was sending those to us in PM and that he was writing them.





I mean character background, like their personality what they look like etc. No how they are coming into the game is LSH's job. ::D:

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Phew. I sent a short bio already. I got a bit worried maybe I was holding up the lunch-line by not sending in a more literary type intro. Thanks.


As for your skill modifiers, you do not actually change the numbers you originally rolled with the dice. The modifier (the +4 for Intelligence for instance) is added into the "skills modifier" column next to skills that involve that characterisitc (such as Craft or Search). The original numbers you rolled on the dice are recorded as-is because as your character develops you will get the chance to add points to those base numbers and increase your skill modifiers.

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Phew. I sent a short bio already. I got a bit worried maybe I was holding up the lunch-line by not sending in a more literary type intro. Thanks.


As for your skill modifiers, you do not actually change the numbers you originally rolled with the dice. The modifier (the +4 for Intelligence for instance) is added into the "skills modifier" column next to skills that involve that characterisitc (such as Craft or Search). The original numbers you rolled on the dice are recorded as-is because as your character develops you will get the chance to add points to those base numbers and increase your skill modifiers.



Thanks for the clarification Spike.


But now I need more...


Hit points and armor class. Um help?


How many experience points do level 3 characters have?


How much gold, silver, etc, are we starting out with to build our characters with?


Yes I'm done with questions...I think...


Aside from that, I believe it's bedtime for me.

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Oh yeah. This shouldn't all look Greek to you. It should look Geek :devil:


The second version of your ability scores is almost accurate. This is how they would be:

Str 11, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 15, Cha 13


Your modifiers based on these scores for skills, savings throws, etc are in order:

+0, +4, +2, +4, +2, +1



Your hit die is d4 as a Wizard.


First level is always max hit dice. Roll another d4 for each of your other 2 levels.

You also gain your Constitution modifier in Hit points every level. Which is +2 per level.


At third level you will have 10 + 2d4 hit points.



Armor Class: You will not want to wear armor. It impacts your ability to cast spells. Starting AC is 10 + Dex modifier. You will want to make sure one of your 1st level spells is Mage Armor. That gives you a +4 Armor Bonus to AC. Starting AC for you will be 14. Touch (no armor) 14. Flat Footed (no dex modifier) 10. For the duration of your Mage Armor, these numbers would increase to 18, T: 14, FF 14



We have 1000 gp tp spend on toys.


Starting HP at 3rd level is 6000.

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That site will also be helpful when you buy your gear. Just be sure to check the Equipment page under Goods and Services for the Tools and Skill Kits table so you can buy your spellbook and other magely stuff. Then check the Adventuring Gear table and the Clothing table for those items you "just gotta have" like your backpack, your waterskin, stuff like that. THEN if you have money left you ought to check out the Magic Items link from the main page and pick up some potions, perhaps a scroll or two of spells you know you will need so that you can save your spell slots each day for spells you MIGHT need. (It's a shame Wands of Magic Missile don't just grow on trees.)


When you buy your gear, make sure to take note of how much each item weighs and the price. This way you can keep up with how much load you are carrying and have a handy record of how much you can expect to spend to replace something you use up or lose.

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