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The Darakan Chronicles, Ice and Madness (OOC)


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Qwykling was scheduled for arrival today, but (s)he appears to be taking his/her time getting here. As a result, I'm climbing the bloody walls. My wife is doing great. Heck, today she went to Home Depot, bought flowers and soil and was gardening. :blink:

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Qwykling was scheduled for arrival today, but (s)he appears to be taking his/her time getting here. As a result, I'm climbing the bloody walls. My wife is doing great. Heck, today she went to Home Depot, bought flowers and soil and was gardening. :blink:


*L* Well at least she was enjoying her day. ::D: As for you..well, take a deep breath and try to relax. The baby will come when it's ready and not a moment sooner unless the Doctor induces labor. You cannot rush babies. ::D: Mom was in labor for 36 hours with her first and a month overdue. Four hours with me before the Doctor said it was time to go C-section and three and a half weeks early - I practically almost qualified as a premie.

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Okay, he has a name. He has a backstory that has been sent on to LSH.


Barak grunts, acknowledging your presence with a slight nod.


BTW, for a physical description. Matt Gubser's Dub Bullock model would be my figure if we were playing this on a table.

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That would appear to be the case, E. I think we're supposed to wait for a PM from him with the particulars of how each of us get involved with the story.


Yes..a really good post it was. Already I am intrigued.

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Well, thanks out to LSH for indulging me. Glad to be in and looking forward to it! Wouldn't want to miss a TDC opportunity, that's for sure. I'll work hard to make myself worthy of Spike's praise there.


It'll be a Rockfist Cleric for sure. Off to scribble up the details...more here soon. =)

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Here's what I've got so far...I'll update when I get near my PHB and select skills, feats, & equipment:

<update: 5/31/2006, 4:56pm MST - added goals>

<update: 6/1/2006, 8:20am MST - added feats, skills, equipment, domains>


Cale Streamwater

Human Male Cleric 3 (Domains: War, Strength)

Age: 21 Height: 6' 0" Weight: 192

Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Left Handed

Hit Points: 23


STR 15

DEX 11

CON 12

INT 15

WIS 16

CHA 17


Feats: Scribe Scroll, Negotiator, Persuasive, Weapon Focus: Heavy Mace (War domain feat)


Skills (adjusted with ranks, skill bonuses, and feat/misc. bonuses): Bluff (10), Concentration (3), Diplomacy (12), Heal (9), Intimidate (8), Knowledge: Religion (4), Profession: Herbalist (5), Sense Motive (8), Spellcraft (3)


Equipment: MW Heavy Mace, Lt. Crossbow, 40 Bolts, Splint Mail, Heavy Wooden Shield, Wand of Light, Scroll: Cure Light Wounds, Backpack, Bedroll, Scroll Case, Flint/Steel, Ink, Inkpen, Hooded Lantern, 3 Flasks of Oil, 4 Sheets of Parchment, Belt Pouch, Soap, Waterskin, Wooden Holy Symbol, Cleric's Vestments, Explorer's Outfit, Healer's Kit


Gold: 20

Silver: 2



Father is a farmer/herbalist in a small agrarian town that trades with Searoad. His mother died in childbirth; his father never re-married. He was raised in a typical farm setting with a focus on growing hard-to-grow vegetables and herbs. Cale grew up fascinated by what his father could do with herbs and plants, from creating dyes to making medicines to say nothing of the exotic tastes and spices he could generate. His home became the village's unofficial hospital as the sick and wounded would often stay in their home while his father tended their maladies.


As is customary for the first-borns in the village, Cale volunteered for the local militia. There, he made fast friends as they trained, usually called to do little more than drill and patrol. His training sergeant was the first to introduce him to the faith of St. Marcus as the sergeant was the only person in the village that had had formal military training. On one particular patrol, a marauding Ogre attacked Cale's unit. In the attack, Cale lost three of his best friends; his knowledge of herbs did little more than ease their pain in passing.


This experience left him feeling useless and disillusioned. He suffered through a period of deep depression, mourning his friends, seeing herbalism as insufficient, and eventually quitting the militia. So deep was his depression that his father suggested he visit Rockfist for succor. Cale went, and eventually stayed as he learned more of St. Marcus and the ways he could serve the god. While martial training is the standard of St. Marcus, Cale was assigned to a diplomatic detachment for specialized training. There, he occasionally served as aid or envoy in service to Rockfist's diplomatic outreaches.



Compassionate - Cale does not like to see suffering of any kind and will actively work to right such wrongs, offering healing, counsel, or money when appropriate.

Judgmental - Anything or anyone causing another's suffering deserves punishment. His martial training at Rockfist has taught him how to dole out severe punishment when necessary.

Calm - Through his extensive clerical and diplomatic training, Cale can usually master his fears and emotions. The lone exception is when he sees needless, premeditated, and contrived suffering.

Selfless - Cale is comfortable with giving to his church and to the less fortunate to ease their suffering. His military nickname is "Hardback" because he usually took attacks to his back while he labored to drag wounded friends out of the fray.

Diplomat - Cale's training at Rockfist has become a way of life. He can be very patient, make necessary compromises, and would prefer to deal with rational beings rather than threaten them. Irrational, hateful, or unintelligent beings are another matter, though...



Cale's first goal is to make his father proud. Cale has always been embarrassed by the condition with which he left his home and the fact that his father quietly struggled on to keep the farm going without the assistance of his only child. Cale has fierce admiration for his father, though his travels and training have minimized the opportunities for the young Cleric to demonstrate that to his father.


Cale yearns to find that 'one thing' that he can pour his life into. His father's love was clearly Cale's mother, evidenced by his stubborn refusal to remarry. Though he managed to go on, it is evident to Cale that his father has never been complete since his mother's passing. What is that thing for Cale? Is it love? Is it St. Marcus? Is it negotiating peaceful agreements? Is it bringing justice where there is none? Cale still does not know.


Cale is fascinated by the powers to heal granted by St. Marcus. One goal he has is to continue to expand his learning and continue to tap deeper into the well of power the great god offers. Where others have tread carefully, reverently and humbly accepting new powers St. Marcus offers, Cale has stretched, eager to grasp and understand new and more powerful ways of healing. It has made for more than a couple of warnings by his supervisors, but Cale's suspicion is that St. Marcus rewards the bold, and that others have allowed their appropriate reverence to inhibit their use of St. Marcus' power inappropriately.

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