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The Darakan Chronicles, Ice and Madness (OOC)


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Mind, I'm all for harmony and what-not, this is a different world. And if Orc and Elf don't kill each other when they spot the other, it'll be a miracle.




Something tells me the moment Al'Yana introduces herself to Spike's Character using the Orcish tongue, there won't be to many problems. :lol:


Oh, one thing..

Can we use modern languages translated through Bablefish again for the different languages?

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Babelfish? .. huh?


I speak manu-kele. IT's what ALL the cool orcs are doing these days. Black Speech is SO last-year!


As for harmony among the races..hmm.. hadn't really thought that through yet..but then "thinking things through" isn't exactly one of her racial traits, is it. :D

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*LOL* Cute Spike. ::D:


OK, shall we at least say then that if we do use foreign languages that we also have the translation in our OOC posting so everyone can access a translation?


Dwarven: German (duh!)

Orc: Russian

Elven: Greek

Sylvan: Italian

Draconic: Dutch

Giant: French





Did I get them all? I hope so because that is all bablefish offers that would translate on my computer. Japanese, Korean and Chinese didn't want to work.

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Actually, Orcs are an ancient and wise race. It's that you're seeing their raiders (usually young adults) hitting the coasts of the human lands.


So if your only experience with a race os their angry 14 year olds, you'd think them all a bunch of barbarians, too! :)



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"Lady elf haves more much to find out about orcs."


Aye, just as Lady Orcs have much to learn about elves. Come now fine Warrioress of the orcish tribes and we shall learn each other's ways better as we get to know one another in the dance of battle in this adventure - together.

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"Elves keep strange ways, but I not wanting to be rude."




"Does this mean we... go-ing stead-dy?"


The elven woman makes a smirk, "I'm sorry you did not quite understand. No, not dancing as in two lovers and certainly not going steady. What I mean is we fight together in battle and we learn from each other."

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