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4 Reaper Minis


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Hi yall, I just finished up Four miniatures for a gaming group it was alot of fun to paint. I havent played in years but fondly remember nights filled with laughter and exitment of the adventure.


The halfling is actually a Duergar dwarf it was the best miniature to fit his charachter so I painted his skin paler and the hair a very pale blond.


Vulthus was godtouched and had his skin blisterd and darkened with purple eyes, I added some freehand of a skull and a skeltal hand beckoning.


The Assasin is a drow very cool sculpture alot of black on the model to fit the assasin charachter so I tried to get some good highlights in to bring out the sculpture.


The Golem is not a true Golem but some subrace. I added a big maul and tried to hide the cracks modelled by the sculpture



Biff Male Halfling (Painted as Duergar)


Orchid Assasin Drow


Golem Conversion

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