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Ashkrypt is a pain in the butt.

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Ive been recently painting Ashkrypt, and I have been having alot of trouble with the liche's face. Im just wondering, did anyone else have trouble with him?


I am also wondering if I should strip the model in order to restart the model. :grr::grr:::(:::(:

Can you post a WIP pic? Then we could see where you are and thus better know how to advise.

I did his face much like I do most skeletons. Have you done many skeletons before?

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I actually havent painted many skeletons, how did you do yours?



There are two types of bone that I have used. One is a warm toned bone that that has a brown base and is highlighted using ivory, linen white, and pure white.


The other type of bone is the aged, dry bone that would look great for liches. For this type of bone the MSP bone triad (the 1st one) really does a great job, although I still use white to highlight and take the shading a lot darker than bone shadow.


I usually start with the same color for deepest shadow on both types of bone- Walnut, the most used paint I own. From there it depends on if I am doing a creamy ivory bone or a cool aged bone.


I have not tried the new ivory bone triad yet ( My FLGS uses a distributor that is not carrying any of the MSP line past the initial release- at least not yet. Triad 9724 Red-Browns was the last one the store is able to get :angry: )


For now I am using a mix of paints for creamy bone colors; GW Vermin Brown, GW Bleached Bone, RPP Ivory, RMS Linen White, and RMS Pure White.


What paints are you currently working with?

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Jen Haley has a skeleton recipe and cool picture at the bottom of this link. "Three parts medium brown (such as GW Bestial Brown) to one part black, thin with magical Future wash to the consistency of milk, apply. Over white primer..." http://www.wegotgame.net/jen/tricks.html


It hasn't been updated in awhile so I bet you'd could susbsitute Flow Improver for Future wash.



That's a cool figure, I'm gonna grab one too. I use white brush-on primer in a ratio of 1:1 (drop of water) and build up 2-3 thin coats. Sometimes I put a drop of grey or brown in the last coat of thin primer to give myself a head start.

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