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Brachiosaurus - Tamiya plastic model

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Between real life (house moving) and way too much computer gaming (city of heroes *twitch*), I haven't had time to paint anything much lately. So imagine my joy when the perfect excuse for painting -anything- on company time fell into my lap.


Work is currently setting up a dinosaur exhibition, we're half-involved with the actual exhibition and half-also creating educational classes on dinos for kids. As if we can teach anything to the kids, they rattle off dino names that intimidate me. ::D:


A colleague brought in a whole bunch of Tamiya dinosaur models (bought with company money, muhaha) and started assembling them. Another hidden model enthusiast (more of a Gundam robots guy) jumped in and started providing advice on how to fill the cracks with putty. Neither had any clue how to paint up their proud plastic-grey and army-green creations.


Ideally, I know, these kits are airbrushed. Seeing as I haven't yet leapt into that part of the hobby, and no one else was at that expert painting level...Not to mention, those jokers were veering into dangerous territory, ie. too nervous to pick up a brush, so they were talking about getting cheap hardware store spray paint...


Better a mid-level paint job with brushes than a dino-blob.


Finally, a use for the Liquidtex starter set acrylics I bought some time back, and all those synthetic nylon size 5 brushes bought as a set of 0, 1, 3, 5.


Color scheme idea was based off the picture on this website: http://prehistoricsillustrated.com/pg_jtu_19.html

Done with umpteen layers of washes for shading and more umpteen colors for drybrushed highlights using mixes of brown, orange, red, yellow, black and white.


Apologies for photo quality, taken at work, so lighting's poor and lots of photoshopped color correction and busy background removal had to be involved.


The blue I is a rough guess as to how high the Tamiya human figure would stand compared to the brachiosaurus. I forgot to include him for scale comparison. Covered by the black board in the background is a normal-sized CRT computer monitor... That dino is BIG.



Detail shots:




Plus the baby brachio:


I need to go get my hands on a Reaper T-Rex or two some day soon...








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I have the triceratops model in the garage (he's 2 halves right now)


pretty nice models, virtually no seam on the parts


want to get this one, someday


nice work, really like the shot of the body closeup, love the multitude of colors on that one, plus the spotted on is great as well.


awesome work



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I love the subtle variety of colours on the skin, it's a very nice effect and makes it much more visually interesting than some other techniques would have been. Hope the kids enjoy the display as much as you guys have making it!

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