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Iron Painter!


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So, we've been having a really amusing time on the wyrd-games forums. As an homage to iron chef we decided to have an Iron painter competition. A bunch of us got paired off, given a "theme ingredient" two weeks to paint and then the judges panel decided which of each pair advanced to the next round with a points based judging system. I figured that since both of the pieces I'd done so far were Reaper's you guys might be amused.


So, first round the theme ingredient was metallics. Having not done regular metallics in ages I decided to have some fun and do up a harpy with metallic scales. I pulled out my Valleyo alcohol based metallics and had at:




The next round's theme ingredient was OSL. On my continuing quest to do something different I pulled out the angler fish I'd just picked up at ReaperCon and decided to go Finding Nemo. :;): Judging wont be done on the second round untill this weekend, but I'm most pleased with it no matter how well it does.



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I love that Harpie. What is the difference between the metallics you used and say, reaper master paint metallics?


What non metallics did you mix in or did you? The legs look less metallic than the scales.


Only the scales and feathers were done metallic. The legs and the skin tones were designed to be more leathery. So no nmmat all.


The alcohol based metallics have a much finer pigment grind so that when the paint goes on you cant see the flecks that you can in most acrylic metallics. They really look like a solid metal sheen. Mind you you have to be very careful trying to use them over acrylics as they will eat through and strip the acrylic paint. Also I havent found a lot that I can tint them with for shading so I tend to rely on transparent washes for shadows and mixing in the brighter silvers for highlighting.

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