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Wait, Reaper has a forum? :blink:


I consider myself a fairly serious collector, but up until 4 months ago I had no idea Reaper had a forum of any kind where information about things like ULS could be found. I was content to buy the new releases as they can in to my FLGS, check the Reaper site from time to time for new greens, etc. It wasn't until I A) got involved in Warlord enough to visit the reapergames.com part of the site that I discovered the forums at all, and B) registered for R-Con and had to go looking for more info about the tournament, finally landing at the top level of the Reaper Message Board and discovering there was a whole lot more info out there.


I'm tech savvy, so it wasn't one of those things where I didn't know how to find my way around "the intraweb." Until that point, I had no need to go looking for the forums. Now, of course, I'm kicking myself, as I've missed the opportunity for a number of R-Cons, special releases, and other similar things. This puts me in the position of having to seek out other channels (read: eBay) to pick up the miniatures that I missed out on. Was I a sucker before, for hunting down things that I wanted when it *appeared* to my knowledge there was no other avenue of obtaining them? Nope, just less-informed. So what do I do now? Tell people that don't know so that they can be spared the same mistake.


So what if ULS is going to finally hit production? I think it is great, and it certainly doesn't lessen the personal value of my own. In fact, it only makes me more attached to the one I have. Everyone and their grandmother (well, maybe not their grandmother....) can now have a production one too; I watched mine get cast at R-Con, and I picked it out myself. In my opinion, that makes it one-of-a-kind for me and that's all that matters.



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