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RAWR! Wemics are here!

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RAWR! Not enough wemics on the market!


My wemic is nearly done. Gonna tweak the front paws a lil more, and add some more tribal regalia, but otherwise the anatomy is finished! The armature was made from fine twisted wire, and built up using humans and lions for references. I love how the pose came out. The snarl, the rearing, it's all pretty strong.


He has a few other weapons as well, including a masai style spear, a knobkerrie (african war club), and a congolese influenced war axe. I need to sculpt some hands on those, and cut the model up for casting. I'm thinking of producing a tortoise shell shield as well.


But he's done! :D




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Looks cool. Claws might be cool but with his arms out like that, exposing his soft underbelly, I don't think he's attacking but rather rejoicing. Or stretching to get his belly scratched.


Thundercats HOOOOOOO!



P.S. What is that base-holding device he's on?

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I like your version more then any other I have seen. I would like to suggest maybe more of a mane on his back. The idea of different weapon options is a good one and I like the tortoise shell shield idea. Good luck getting it produced, I definately want one.



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