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Models you'll never use!

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Just a quick suggestion on models that don't rank up well. Instead of restricting yourself to the tab on the model and the slot in the base, cut off the tab completely from the model. Drill into one of the feet and place a pin there, then arrange the model on the base, mark the spot where the pin will go, drill it and insert.


By using only one pin you have reduced the difficulty in trying to drill two holes in the feet and the base and it gives you a little wiggle room to pivot the model left or right just to be sure your happy with the placement. If your not just drill another hole in the base and try again.


For me definitely Thorgram too, I leave home without him all the time. My only complaint with Freya is she doesn't allow an elite in your troop. You would think that the king's daughter would have a little more clout. Actually I'm half hoping that in the new book she gets promoted to captain, again royalty has its privileges.

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For my Repti-


Its sad that I can literally list about half of my options in this list, but feel ok with it since I have had a lot of success with the other half that I do use.


Krung Beast - I can get Uru and 2 trolls for the same price, or Nai Khannon or 3 Raam.


Raam - I like Raam a bunch. Stats are wonderful for his cost (except the DV). But, as mentioned by someone else, I only have a very limited number of spots for elites (usually only 1) and tend to take someone else, instead using his points towards another troll with its higher DV.


Longstrikes - more expensive than a clucthling, less effective.


Nagendra - low DV tacked with high cost = no playing time. Now if they had some kind of "slither" speed that can get them across the map and behind someone fast then I might consider it, but at current stats and cost... nope...


Nai-Khannon - Similar to Raam. Great attacker. But, horribly low DV for the cost unless in the very rare position to use faction SA = more cost effective to take someone else.

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I've yet to use Kevis. Considering I have Ashkrypt and Arik the Inquisitor, Kevis is hard pressed to take the field. He's a pretty good 3rd mage, but how often do I need three mages?


I've never fielded the Warbride either. For another 21 points I get Lola, and the difference is far greater than another grunt.






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I will beg to politely differ about fielding Ra'am. I have a friend that plays Reptus, and he routines field TWO Ra'ams, since they are non-unique. That guy is an absolute STEAL at 53 points! :blink: I have a difficult time taking them out. I almost have to divert a bear rider for each one.


THEN...if he takes Nai-Khannon as well...**shudder**...that is brutal!


Wild Bill :blues:

I'd have to say the Ra-am is poor too , after killing Hellsgate's Ra-am in close combat with 2 elven archers . :blink:

Lets say everyone has their llikes and dislike , and sometimes you can make something work but mostly not . That said , there are a lot of great skulps I have but I never use them due their stats .

Crusader - Kristianna and Finari .

Necropolis - Naomi , Crypt bats , Nightspecter ,Grave Horror , Bone Horror and Gargoyle .

Reven - Beastmen , Skralla , Harpies and Greka .

Mercs - Shad and Kyla .

Dwarves - King Thorgram , Durgam and Snorri .

Elves - Caerwyn , Long Thorns , Vale Breakers and the Giant Eagle .

Nefsokar - Mi-Sher

Overlords - Moraia

Darkspawn - can't comment cause they don't interest me .

Reptus - can't find fault , I'll use all available models if I had any .

As you can see I have 8 out of 10 factions , many minis but only a few I leave on the shelf because the look cool but ...... :rolleyes:

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I like ra'am, and since i always try and play a different list, he gets into the mix occasionally.


I don't ever use longstrikers. I can get an equally good spearman in the clutchlings for a lower price. Or, for the same price as the l-striker, i can get a breaker to actually get in the mix and smack something with that +3 nastyness.


I also rarely use the krungbeast. I just like having tons of trolls, so i usually take them instead.

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When I saw the title of this thread the I instantly thought of the Dwarven Shieldmaidens. I have no idea what their stats are but the sculpts are so gawdawful I will never buy them. Freja rocks and I was so looking forward to her leading a troop of shieldmaidens...right up until I saw them. :angry:



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The Called.

They are far too expensive to field and they aren't even as good as Zombies. I thought about taking one to disrupt a totem of battle, but the rules update changed that. I didn't want to have to field one anyway so I'm glad they amended it. ::D:



There are very few adept archer models that I would use. The few exceptions are the one that have a high RAV and a relatively low cost, relative to other archer models. Things like Ranger and Marksman are, to me, some of the most overpriced wastes when it comes to archery units. I know several people that swear Marksman is the best thing an archer can have, but I would much rather be shooting one shot against DV 11 models with 8's than two shots with 10's, even with a Bless. ::P:


I choose a lot of my models by the sculpts. Unfortunately I find that some of my favorite stats are found on some of my least favorite sculpts. I wont say which ones, but there are still some models that I use that I hate the sculpt on. ::(:

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I don't field my Hill Giant very often..and it's not because I don't like his stats, nor because I don't like his sculpt.. because I like both..but..



...he's SOOO BIGGGG! Not only is he big, but in classic Reven form, he is sculpted in a rather non-compact pose, and so I have to be very careful when I pack him in his special case not to let his arm get busted off.



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I haven't fielded my Greka yet, she's more costly than my warlord. I like using my harpies as distractions, that's al they are good for. They can scar an opponent with their sheer speed and get him focused away from my orcs, but other than that, they suck. I love Dantral, he's saving my butt for a 1000 pt list, I replaced him for narg, making my army exactly 1000 pts, beautiful.


Oh, and the only reason WilBill has had such good luck with his dwarves is because we haven't had our tournament battle yet. ;) Those beer guzzling speed bumps are going home crying on the 10TH!! So sayeth the Dark Lord. :grr:

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Longstrikers: I have them and just love the sculpts but the clutchlings beat them out every time.


Rangers: I don't know about never, but I have yet to find a good spot in my lists for them.


Krungbeast:I like him in larger point games but the Trolls really are a better bargain.

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Just a friendly bit of banter, not looking to ruffle any feather, and possibly looking to gain insight into how people might use various models.


What are the models in the armies you play that you can never see yourself using, and why?





1. (Leader) Neek.


Can someone *please* explain what the point is to this waste of good air? Even King Thorgram is better value.



2. (Elite)


Skralla is a competitor for exclusion, though. No use for her when you have Gankorak available. Also on my 'not even in emergencies' list: Naomi. For her points I can get Moandain with 4 spells, or Malek with GME and a LOT of spells.


3. (Adept) Crypt Bats.


Hugely overcosted for the combat stats. If I need mobility, I'll choose Deathriders, thank you.



4. (Grunt) Khamsin Herdsman.


I love reach, honestly I do... For those 23 points I'll take another Awakened though, or max out Tomb Guards, or Ammat's boys and girls if I can. Special mention goes to all the generic mercenary grunts, for having really ugly helmets (and a generally uninspiring appearance). Until they get a re-sculpt, I won't field them. Khamsin Rangers only get fielded when fluff demands it, especially since the Nefsokar have gained mounted archers.



5. (Solo) Devourer of Mashaf.


For all the well-known reasons... Aundine and Greka deserve a special mention, though.

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Some interesting posts, I'm not suprised that many of the models people are listing are ones often used by others. Alot of it comes down to playing style (that and some of the minis in the game are the type you either love or hate).


Note: My mention of Skralla at 46 points included the 10 point cost of her gun, which even just for fluff reasons I would like to be able to field with her (seeing as how the mini has a nasty looking Scythed pistol). Skralla better have invisibility is you think her Rogue ability is going to get you very far when you play against me. I'm sure she could prove useful, but I don't find the rules attached to her special piece of equipment at all appealing, and if I wanted a Rogue I would take Gankorak (like some else said).


As for Dantral, I am still not convinced, although you don't need to convince me that Tactician is effective, Lord Kentaur is my favorite Captain in the game. If I am investing in a tactician I want it to be on the field for a while, not to have it on a model with little or no staying power (Dantral or Saramonde). I don't have the need to field Dantral in a Tomukh army, as I love Narg's statistic block, and I have 3 Khargs so I don't need a second Captain. Warcry is great but even lowly Kharg can cast it, and Enrage kicks butt as well, but at DV 9 Dantral can only get his MAV up to 7, which is only 1 higher than a Hunter, and the same value as a Fighter who enrages, so why would I want to waste the time having my Captain enrage when I can just let a lowly grunt do it, and then Warcry him back onto his feet (it is just a waste of the Captains damage track).


On the flip side:


Kristiana appears extremely effective when paired with the right combination of troops in my opinion (Justicars and a couple of Hospitaliers). Her innate spell could easily keep the core unit of your army on it's feet and fighting for an entire game. She simply needs to be well supported.


Finari, I like the model enough to field her, she is far from the most cost effective model in the game, but I don't see her as a liability. Compared to an average Justicar she has , +1 Mov, +1 MAV, +1 #MA, making her far more effective in combat, and while they arn't huge abilities Breaker and Trencher can be useful abilities. Are you better off taking a Knight and a Justicar for the same price, possibly, but in standard default lists Knights are adepts, and you have to be picky about where you put them in and how many you include in various units. She is a cheap Elite, something every army really needs (and a component of builds that many players overlook).



I think this little guy is pretty fantastic, he dies quite easily, but he brings along a tonne of models, who doesn't like the idea of 22-25 Goblins or Lesser Orcs in a single mob (or better yet 9 Bull Orcs, 6 Gobbos, and 6 Lesser Orcs). He might have a crap DV, but I don't use him as a front end attacker, he is there to field the mob, plain and simple (If he needs to 2 attacks at MAV 2 can be handy in a pinch (just be prepared to lose him in the process).


Another model of complaint that I can see myself using is Durgam. I don't have any problems using a low MAV model as MAV is easiliy bolstered with a Reach model (especially since Durgam has Trencher) and by having other models in support. DV 10 is pretty stellar for the Dwarves. He isn't great, but I'm not convinced he is a liability, I would consider fielding him because of his 3 damage tracks, he has staying power (there arn't many Elites in the game that can boast 3 wounds and still say they are under 65 points).

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I don't field my Hill Giant very often..and it's not because I don't like his stats, nor because I don't like his sculpt.. because I like both..but..



...he's SOOO BIGGGG! Not only is he big, but in classic Reven form, he is sculpted in a rather non-compact pose, and so I have to be very careful when I pack him in his special case not to let his arm get busted off.




The proper answer is, of course, the one you have already taken: Don't field it.


For your storage requirements of this waste of lead, however, I understand the 4" trays for the Reaper case will be available Soon.

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Thorgram - WAAAAAAY too expensive

Snori - his points are related to Thorgrams

Kara - maybe, but not likely



Acacia - too expensive with little benefit because the other archers are too expensive.

Garr/War dogs - I may change my mind if I see someone use them effective, but they are too expensive to me.

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