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Matte finish

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Greetings, all.


New member. Glad to be here. So far, very much thrilled by this forum.  :D  :D  :D


While I'm still poking about and getting the lay of the land, I thought I'd ask one of the most pressing questions on my mind of late as I haven't had much luck with the search engine.


What do people use for a *flat* matte finish? I just recently took up miniature painting again after a several year hiatus and I haven't been able to find the sealer I used to use (don't even remember the name of it). As such, I've been trying out different products and have been *much* displeased with the results of the so-called "matte" finishes. Each seems to have a bit of a gloss to it, more like a satin than a true flat matte. Thus, I'm hoping someone here can point me in the direction of a good *FLAT* matte finish, spray or varnish.


Specifically, I'm curious about Winsor Newton's spray matte finish. I have yet to try it, but after three strike outs to date, I'm a bit loathe to pay $10 for a can of spray that may or may not give me the effect I desire.  :(




-The Whizard Hlavaz

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The only matte finish I personally have found that is *really* matte is Testor's Flat (Lusterless)...I think it is #1960, and runs about $3-4 for a 3 oz can. I find I can use one or two coats of another matte or gloss coat - typically Testor's Gloss, Armory Matte, Rust-o-leum Matte, or Krylong Matte - and follow it up with one Testor's Lusterless and get it really matte. Everything else I have tried leaves a noticeable sheen....the Testor's Lusterless gives a good coating but makes it look like there is no coating at all...
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My brother is a big fan of Krylon Matte spray, and I myself like the tiny black-cap cans of Testor's Flat.


One bit of advice - make sure you spend a good deal of time shacking the heck out of the can.  I've had matte come out glossy if it isn't sheaken well enough.

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Funny, I've tried Krylon's flat and it always seems to come off as satin looking to me too  :oo:


Testor's is dead flat, almost too flat for me so after coating the figure in a few coats of gloss to protect it I hit it with Testor's matte to dull it down, and then a light dusting of Krylon's flat to give it a lil shine back  :D

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I have used citadel's matte spray with good sucess, and currently I am using two different types by Duncan Cermics. Absolute matte and porcelain. Porcelain give that look you see on porcelain dolls and looks really good. The absolute matte is pretty good too. Picked them up one day when I was buying specialty paints at the ceramic shop. Been very happy with them.

Lady Tam

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OK. Good stuff here, folks. Thank you all very much.


In regards to what brands I have used and been unhappy with: I've used Krylon matte finish much to my displeasure. In fact, I found it gave a pretty high sheen to my mini moreso than the Liquitex matte varnish I've since settled on. There was another can of some strange brand that I've since thrown out in rage. Can't recall what it was. And there may have been another. At any rate, the Liquitex varnish has been in use for the past few minis. I'll have to look into all these other products that everyone has recommended.


Thanks so much for the info, gang. :)   And by all means, should anyone think of anything else, please let me know. I'm always open to suggestions.


-The Whiz.

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O.K. here is some stuff by me with different matte sprays.


Citadel Matte


 Not a gaming mini, but I did use Citadel matte on it. This little girl is about an inch tall.


Duncan Porcelain


 another non-mini, but still a small model stands about 1 1/2 inches tall, sealed with duncan porcelain finish.


Duncan absolute matte


   So there you have it. three examples of three different "matte" finishes.

Lady tam


(Oh, don't forget to add a space at the end of the URL to see the pictures.)

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