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Nikmal and DigitalM


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Are you guys coming to Game Day at Games Plus on June 17? Haven't seen many posts from you guys lately but I'm hoping you can make time for this event because I missed the prior one due to a class. I signed up for the first painting session and might stay for some of the second session if there's room until my train comes.


My only reservation is that I'm slow and might not complete a figure in the session. Actually I think I'm methodical and patient but most other people would probably just say "slow."

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Last I've heard from Nikmal, he will try to make the gameday, but family issues may require his attention on short notice. Digital [email protected] has fallen to the WotC side (of prepainted plastic minis), and later in the sign-up thread, he mentions that he will not be able to make the gameday. But, if he shows up, we'll be sure to have everything he needs to jump right into things. ::):


I'm running the EN World Chicago Gameday painting events this time around. I am the Slowski of painters, so you are in good company. The competition is purely optional, and I will mention that the prize is much more practical than the bobble-head trophy I won at the previous gameday. :lol: The paint-and-take is there to encourage people new to painting, and the speed paint option is there for people who like to compete. If nobody competes, I will likely offer my prize some other way--perhaps hot potato, or eenie-meenie-miney-moe, or just moe. ::P:


If people want to grab a paint-and-take figure, and then sit and work on their own stuff, that's fine by me. The paint-and-take figs are provided by myself, not Reaper, and this means you can expect to see a wider variety of figures, some large, and even a few multi-part figures (all completely assembled, cleaned, and primed, of course). Walk-ins are welcome, but sign-up is recommended to reserve your seat.


I hope to see you there!

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