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To powergame or not to powergame....


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Gimp,change your name to contrary please ::D:

Disagree with your somewhat flippant disregard for the importance of calling/using pc names rather than the players name,it is important,and it doesnt mean you have to play your pc with oscar winning monologues just because you refer to them by their given "name",its a fundamental basic which regularly gets overlooked.....fact :poke:

You misunderstand my point. For a start, I prefer everyone use character names, but I've been running games for close to thirty years now, and I know not all players do.


It wasn't that I disagreed with your basic opinion, it was that I disagree with the concept that there are right and wrong ways to game.


For some people, the use of character names, staying specifically in character at all times, only speaking as their character, etc, makes the game.


For others, the use of character names, but speaking as themselves or as their character, etc, are important.


For others, simply showing up, rolling dice, and tossing jokes with friends is enough.


What I meant was that none of those options is inherently wrong. Each, and all the options in between, is a style of gaming. Insisting one way is right, and the others wrong, is the erroneous idea.


Play style is aesthetics, not cannon. No rules set I've dealt with has ever required the use of character names, only people's opinions do that.


Within a playing group, if they decide to set parameters of only using character names, or even those groups that require signals to not be speaking as their character, there can be errors against their chosen play style. Within gaming as a whole, nobody has the right to dictate how all people play the game.


I'm not advocating flippant disregard for how people want to play. I'm saying you need to see how the people you're playing with want to play, and come to a consensus within your group. That group consensus can then have a code of play conduct that can be broken to cause errors. I've known groups that fine people for group errors, and use the change for munchies.


If you can't compromise to a consensus that everyone can play comfortably with, then you have a problem.


Not everyone will share the same aesthetics. Insisting people follow yours is very devisive, and can destroy a group. People game for fun, and few people enjoy being told how to have fun. Encouraging people to try your gaming ideas can bring much better results, but you will never convince everyone your way is best. No way is the only right way.


So long as the group is playing and people are having fun, things are working. If someone is having problems with how things are going, they can voice their opinion and ask for change. If the other players agree, things are fine. If they don't, each player has to decide if how things are being played is still fun.


Looking at the issue as a case of right and wrong is going to jaundice opinion and add frustration.


All any player can bring to the game is opinion on how they like to play. Being willing to accept that other player's opinions have equal merit is what will make the group stronger. Compromise between equals brings strength. Compromise with frustration brings bitterness. Gaming should not be bitter.

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