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Storminator's Forgewalk Marches Tournament Grand Prix!

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The End Times Are Upon Us!


Storminator's Forgewalk Marches Grand Prix is nearing the end with just one event remaining.


The tournament at the Toy Soldier Sunday, 11/19/2006, in Amesbury marks the end of the 1501 point trilogy of end games as well as concluding the Grand Prix.


Registration opens at 12:00, games begin promptly at 12:30. 1501 point armies, second printing rules (no generic cards), downloadable errata (v1.2 Data Cards)& all published faction books. Three 60 minute Swiss rounds of one-on-one battles, 15 minutes between rounds. Prizes to top 3, best painted army and St. Murphy's Luck Award. Registration at ReaperGames is highly recommended.



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We're planning to leave on Saturday, but my wife was willing to delay our departure a day, until Sunday, for the tourney, but since it's on Sunday, it's a no-go.


On the plus side, I'm going to bring some stuff with me to Ohio and try and snag a few games up there with some of the folks. ^_^

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Bribery not needs, she is teaching a photography class. . . that being said, smack talk time.




Your tourney winning is over tony, it's not about beating other armies, it's now all about crushing the Crypt Legion. I've been play testing all sorts of different builds and think I have hit upon the solution and only time will tell but Ayssa's days are numbered. Time to give her her final rest.


See you tomorrow!!!!! ::D:::D:::D:::D:::D:::D:

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The eve of battle...


My dwarves are all sitting around campfires listening to the bards' tales and singing songs about their perilous heritage. Thorgram is sitting in the middle of the camp grinding a jagged edge onto his father's War Axe. His falcon is shredding a newly caught ferret which looks alot like a Mage.


Death comes to you!


p.s. - Storm, I promise to write out my army list on a full sheet of paper this time! No more 3x5 cards :P

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Great event! Much blood was spilled (figuratively! we don't really get into it that much), dwarven and otherwise. We had some really brutal games today! Thanks to Storm, Lady Storm, and the Toy Soldier for putting it on.


My force was:

Thorgram (DF, +2RAV, +2DV), 5 Piercers, 3 Swiftaxes (Musician)

Logrim (Bandage), 6 Maidens (Music)

Gargram, 7 Warriors (Music)



1501 on the button, 25 models


Round 1 was versus Storm's Overlords. I made them pay dearly for slaughtering me, haha! Curse Ymrilix and Ashkrypt :P. I smashed his solos (flame elemental thingy and the Chevy) but didn't do so well against the rest of his army. All hands lost to the Slavers of Craclaw. Loss.


Round 2 was versus Nefsokar, eked out a victory, but I'm sure neither of the armies would call it such. Pretty bloody fight, high body count. Nasty surprise when a Call Lightning landed on my formation, but good outing by my Piercers. Win


Round 3 was versus Grand Reven. Lost Logrim on the first round to a teleported, berserking berserker! What a suprise! Ended in a bloodbath with the King daring 5 Reven to come at him and take him down. The Reven had 20 more points than I did. Loss.


Good times all around. It was a great atmosphere, really. Perfect blend of "let's play because it's fun" and "let's play competitively." Neither attitude took away from the other I think.

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My archenemy, Ayssa, didn't show up. . .she was otherwise engaged. A good showing by the armies that did come to fight.


Round 1: The Crypt Killer Elves of the 3rd Legion vs rcrosby's Darkspawn. Equally matched with troops and initiative cards (my 9 to his 10). The Witchqueen was terrifying and deadly with her spell placement, but Danithal's archers were able to out-gun her archers. Win for the Elves.


Round 2: vs the yudaman's Grand Reven. A different tactic than I've seen him play before, a smaller number of troops and a lightning strike technique. With two teams of two centaurs flanking the board and archers holding down the middle the Reven were shot down as they rushed toward the center point. The Elves took a round about approach screening themselves from the Reven archers through the woods and behind a large building. They were surprised when a Bezerker teleported into their midst and attacked Danithal. Defensive strikes did the green bugger in, but they sent in another suicide attacker via the same method. . .who met the same fate. A good game and a win for the Elves.


Round 3: vs storm's Overlords. What a target rich environment. They should just paint bulls-eyes on the bondslaves. Bondslaves fell as they were pushed forward by spearmen down one road and Ashkrypt lead the charge down the other road. The Elves fought back drawing Ashkrypt out for a showdown against Danithal and the route was on. Win for the Elves.


Thanks to everyone who came and especially to Pete, Cher, and Will.

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I wish I could have been there, but alas, I had to work. We're in a serious crunch right now. I was even going to bring a different army ::D:


I got a briefing from Yudaman and I have to say from what I heard about Darthiir's Elves, I think he would have crushed my Aysa list or at least handed me a sound beating. I was planning on playing a Vampire list this time because I figured there would be little or no other Undead at the Toy Soldier. I would have especially enjoyed seeing Pete's Overlords routed by the Elves :devil:. Storm's O'lords always give me trouble. Sounded like the Elves had a great showing this time Tavis.


Gratz to Darthiir and Yudaman for getting 1st and 2nd. Who took 3rd? BTW nice list Jim. Keep using the King. I think he's worth it.


The GP was a great run and I look forward to next year and new lists.

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Thanks to everyone that played in the Grand Prix!


This was the experimental year, and I think I learned a lot about running Warlord tournaments. I'll get the updated standings posted, hopefully today or tomorrow, but it might need to wait for the weekend.

Is there going to be a sequel? If so, any idea of when/where the first event will be?



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