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Ronin and Red Wizard


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Been swinging back into a Reaper mode lately, as well as a NMM mode. Seems like I alternate between metallics and NMM, and each time I bounce back to the other, I improve my technique by teeny, weeny, tiny bit.


Anyway, first there's Eredain, Wizard whom I painted up like a Red Wizard of Thay (from D&D: Forgotten Realms).




CMON votin' goodness can be done right here.


Then there's Toshiro, Male Ronin, whom I went a little crazy on. I'm very happy with the red and the NMM. I also was originally planning to have Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo as the girl staring into the raging sea, but those sorts of details at this scale would be silly (she's just under 5mm head to toe).




Voting happiness for Tanshiro can can be found here.


Thanks! :D



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Where to start. Everything was well done, the things I especially like though are the base from the first one, those bricks are nice, the highlight on the black hair on the second, as black hair is so hard to do well, the free hand is awesome on the second one, and the wood grain is great on the first.


Amazing work.

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that is ... :blink:


That is a really different approach with Eredain. Most of the ones I've seen (including the one I did) were done in blue.. i really like what you did. The staff looks fantasitic. Wonderful base work too. But what really caught my eye was the tatoo on the head. Very cool.

As for Toshiro... amazing NMM... fliping amaizing. The free hand is to die for as is the highlights in the hair.

I would love to give a critical comment... but... :blink:

just wow...

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