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Yagun Oog


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First of what I hope to be many showoff posts over the next few days!


Here is Yagun Oog, Ogre Mage for my Grand Reven army.


He is indeed purple - do not adjust your monitor :)




A) Ogre Mages in D&D are purple = twice the usage!

B) Everything else in my army is green :)

C) Purple is fun!


Hope you enjoy him - he was tons of fun to paint.


Base is simple because I hate when things fall off while playing.. but I know I'll fix it up before too long!


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Aha..that explains why in the other topic Yagun is purple and Gurm isn.t


Now i know..and knowing is half the battle.


Interesting purple it is though. With those highlights he looks almost like he has a satin finish.

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I'll also be singing this as it goes well with purple satin :)



Who's the purple Ogre Mage

That's a castin' machine in Reaper's RAGE?


Ya damn right!


Who is the Ogre that would risk his neck

For his brother Reven?


Can you dig it?


Who's the Krung Beast that won't cop out

When there's danger all about?


Right On!


They say this wizard Oog is a bad mother


I'm talkin' 'bout Oog.



He's a complicated Ogre

But no one understands him but his familiar

Yagun Oog!

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This is just cool. It happens to be one of the few minis I actually like from the Reven faction, and the purrple (purr when you say it) is an awesome take on the figure. Yes, you'll definitely need to spruce up the base a bit (after all, that's a big base to just have him and grass), and I think you could have gone with a slightly more exotic hair color to really make him pop (not that the purrple isn't effective already). All the leather work looks great, and I really like the flint-like appearance of the "gem" on the staff.





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