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Silver Age Superheroes!


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Apparently my mother in law upgraded to a Broadband or DSL connection since last Thanksgiving. I brought my laptop with me, so I will have everything done on Monday after Origins. ^_^


I can go online, at high speed, and not need to worry about my thei virus riddled POS computer.

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Hey, I just wanted to let you all know, I'm leaving for a 4-week vacation on the 11th, so, if I can, I will try to post stuff while over there. If so, then it would be pretty slow between posts.

So I was wondering if you all would prefer me starting before going and leaving a cliff-hanger (or slow-posting) until I come back or start once I come back?

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Hey, since we're all working as a team, and we're supposed to be all noble good guys, why don't we at least share our characters while we wait for Vinny to get back from his vacation.


Robert "Bobby" Richardson aka The Silver Phantom

I rather blatantly ripped off Danny Phantom for some of the character concept/powers :lol:


Powers: Flight, phase through solid matter, spirit blast, possession (rarely used)

Weakness: Electrical fields, electricity


Appearance: Reflective Silver Face Mask covering entire face. Cool Grey Costume with Black Boots (with folded over cuffs, Gloves, "Underpants". Silver S shaped ghost emblem on chest. Out of costume - average unassuming college professor type. Glasses. Lean swimmer build. Courderoy jacket with patches.


Cover: Physics Professor at Vigil City University where he was Undergrad (Physics, Biology, Philosophy) and Graduate (PhD electrical engineering). Smart, but not on level of Reed Richards. Somewhere slightly higher than Peter Parker though.


Backstory: Parents died in autowreck as kid, which he was sole survivor, became obsessed with contacting the dead to speak with lost parents to ask why. Built device that allowed him to speak, but slipped from coma to dying on table due to overdose on medication. Janitor came in, thought he was just sleeping on lab bench and doused him with water. Short circuit restarted his heart and tore him back to life, but he brought some of spirit realm back with him.

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