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Silver Age Superheroes!


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Are there still spots available in this? I'm interested.


Me, too, I've got an idea for a character with psionic powers (something I haven't seen thus far):


Name: Cally Stuart, aka Psi Chick


Powers: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleport, Mind Shield, Mind Control, Sixth Sense


Appearance: Cally is fair skinned with long black hair and brown eyes. She stands 5'6" and weighs about 120 lbs. She tends to wear darker colored clothes.


Costume: A black one piece bodysuit with the Greek letter Psi in the middle of the chest, black gloves that go halfway up the upper arm and black thigh high boots.


Cally works at the Vigil City library as a librarian. She hides her identity with conservative clothes, putting her hair up, and wearing glasses.


Background: Cally was born psionic. She seemed to be very fussy as an infant. What her parents didn't realize at the time was that she was picking up the thoughts of her parents (and anyone else near her) and it was confusing and upsetting to her. After going to many doctors to find out what was causing their daughter to be so upset all the time, they happened across one who thought he recognized what was going on and arranged for them to meet someone. This person turned out to be part of a secret government agency that dealt in psionic research. She explained to Cally's parents what was happening, and used her telepathic powers to calm the infant. When Cally grew older, she was taught how to control her powers by various representatives of the agency. As her training progressed, she found she possessed other psionic abilities as well. Not long after she graduated from high school, her parents were murdered by a mad gunman. Cally used her now well developed psi abilities to track him down and administer her own brand of justice. At this moment she knew what she wanted to do with her life--use her powers to fight crime. She left the agency behind and has been working independently ever since.


Character Portrait:



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Alright, I'm back!


Sorry for the delay all.


ETA for game start, gimme a week to get everything sorted and create an intro. Date should be Aug 21 if that's ok with everyone. ::):


Also, can I get a post from everyone who has given me a character outline and those that haven't? My inbox is a mess... :wacko:


As for open spots, we're kinda full. :unsure:

But if anyone drops out and you're still willing to play, I'll give you a shout.


Alright ,again, sorry for the delay. :poke:

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No, I just need outlines from peeps who still need them. I need to know who'se in and have their outlines and all.


Let's see. So far, we got chars:








I dunno if Nasus is still in or not, cuz I only got some character ideas early back. Otherwise, anyone missing?


Sorry for the inconvenience. My bearings are a bit whacked out... :blink:

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any chance I can get in??


I've never done the online rpg type thing. Also do you need to know the rules of the game it's based on??


always have liked superhero stuff, heck one reason why I keep my Coh/oV account goin ha ha



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O, the game has started. Hope you enjoy this ride! Let's hope its a long one!


Alright, OOC- you're all gathered on the rooftop. Hopefully, you're all dressed for the occasion. You don't know each other, as you're all still small-time superheroes, but a voice in your sleep the night before called you to this place at this time. You can all see the events happening around the block.

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[OOC] Pulse keeps kneeling down behind the bank robbers building a charge so that he can arc the electric bolt through their weapons disarming them. After that I'll drop and weak energy wall between him and the robbers to keep them from escaping deeper into the bank[/OOC]




Do you want us to keep posting our actions in here or do you want them PM'd to you Vinny?

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Hmmm, might be more convenient to post any OOC stuff along with the real storyline post it corresponds too. That way, we won't have to run back and forth to keep track of our stuff.


We'll keep the PM and OOC Topic channel open for anything majorly important.

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Sorry, Vinny, I didn't read here before posting, didn't know that we were gathered on a rooftop.


I'd still like to keep my post as is, though, if that's all right. It makes more sense for Eddie to be eating in the diner when it gets smashed up and react than to come bursting in to save the day. Reacting to situations is more in character for him.

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