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Silver Age Superheroes!


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You've all been called by a voice in your head to gather, probably for something rather important, and what do three of us do immediately... Split up :lol:


Sure, there is no I in TEAM, but if you squint hard enough, there is a ME :lol:


I'm waiting for Vinny to now tell us "The next night, you hear another voice in your sleep that says, 'Hey next time I tell you to gather and meet at a place and time, stay put!" :lol:

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You read my mind! :lol: j/k


But hey, at least the worst I imagined didn't happen. At least no one went Freedom Force and dropped something heavy, like, say, a radiator unit, on the thug (and his victim) below from the safety of the roof... (and hey, to who it may concern, don't get any ideas, pal!) :poke:

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Alright, non-lethal it is. ::):


I'll update as soon as everyone post.


Just to let you all know, Nasus unfortunately won't be playing, but I believe Haldir might create a character. Also I haven't heard from Nym, so I dunno bout him. Anyone talked to him lately?

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to everyone, I'll try & get a mesage in tomorrow sometime, been wanting to get in since Vinny let me in, but somehow I always end up not posting & such, real annoying for me as the story so far looks fun to be a part of.


again I'll post tomorrow when I get home from work, it'll be the first thing I post here on the forum!!!



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Haldir's guy shows up 15 minutes late, his alarm clock not having gone off due to a power failure and lack of a battery back up. He arrives on the rooftop and thinks...


WTF. I thought I was supposed to be here for some reason. Oh damn, this better not be like when I was a kid delivering pizzas and had those crank deliveries...





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Oh man, Brock... I actually put Brock.... woah....


Past posts edited.


Cadenbaugh it is, now.





I hope I don't start calling Cave Cricket Peter...




Haldir, you're welcomed to join anytime you feel is convenient. I'll work you into the game, no prob. ^_^

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ok my super will be based off of one of my City of Heroes supers that I've been kinda playing lately


her name is Cyphershot, bascially she is Green Arrow with cold powers, right now her cold powers are a ice sword that she can manifest, thou she doesn't do that very often as she doesn't care to much for melee combat (too primitive, ha ha), she can radiate a cold aura about 5 feet around her that slows things down, ie gives a chilling feeling to people she doesn't like (aka enemies), also she can feeze people in place, thou only just root them to the ground, they can still fire weapons or powers, just can't go anywhere, thou it is temporary thou (not sure how to handle that part but I'll leave that up to Vinny).


On the arrow side she has your typical super archer arrow trick bag, from blunt arrows with knockout stuff to fire arrows, to multi-arrows & such. Also she has a exlosive arrow as well, but doesn't use it much due to the power it can pack. She has an unlimited supply due to she has a quiver of holding so to speak (ie a magic item she found in her travels (see her origin).


Origin--Cypershot's real name is Kesheestrana, she is from a fantasy world similar to Greyhawk, where there were spellcasters, dwarves, & such. She is a frost elf, hailing from the northern elven kingdom of Evergreen.


She has been a exceptional archer almost as soon as she could shoot a arrow from a bow, but she didn't have her ice powers during her life there but on a scouting mission for her town leader, she encountered a cave with glowing multi-colors "icicles", as she reach out to touch them, she was struck with a dizzying effect & she passed out.


She awoke later & was cold as night had started to fall, so she decided to explore the cave more, the strange thing thou was the "icicles" were normal ice colors now, but she thought nothing of it. As she went further into the cave she came upon a door that was locked & was really old but she was able to get it open with some effort, inside the room was warm enough for her to survive the night + the help of a small fire from the wood that she had broken off the old door helped as well.


In the morning she awoke to see a swirling portal of sorts in the room, she cautiously approached it & decided to test it by puttin her fingers into the pattern. The moment her fingers touched her body was pulled through, & she ended up on the outskirts of Vigil City.


Upon awakening she noticed that a coldish aura was around her, thinkin it was just the aftereffects of the portal, she set out to explore where she was at.


4 years have past since she has came through the portal, since that time she has learned that somehow the icicles she touched somehow granted her ice/cold powers, allowing her to manifest her ice sword, the cold aura she felt was her slow powers, it also appears that she is still manifesting ice powers as well.


She also learned that her elfin name was hard to pronounce by the humans in this world so she adopted the name Cyphershot, as she thought it was hip name in this strange world.


She appears now not in her native gear but with a compound bow that she had made by a close freind that she helped out of a jam one time or two. She has light blue skin, bluish-magenta hair that she keeps long & she dresses in regular if not bright clothing, tight tops with open spots usually on the abdomin & near the neck area, Also on the biceps as well.


Wears fingerless gloves & wears low hip hugger jeans that flare out on the bottom. She also has wears Converse shoes usually that are a hot pink color. Speakin of color she usually go with bright magenta & bright green for her costumes, but this can change on the whim, as that is one thing she likes about this world is the vareity of colors, comared to her own world wear things were just a few muted colors.


She keeps her quiver of holding (a gift from her mother) on her back & she has a optical monicle that gives her a digital crosshair over her right eye, this glows in the dark but she can repress the glow at any time. This was a gift from her friend that she saved, as it turned out the person has apptitude toward techy things. Even thou he is human (even thou she has been on this world for more the 4 years she still thinks that she'll see a dwarf or a orc someday, some things never change.....) she has kinda of crush on him.


there she is my character for the supergame. If I knew how to grab a screen shot of her off my CoH character page, that would help alot.


I would like for her to be observing the incident with Qwyk's character from the shadows or maybe a fire escape, like she was heading for the meeting point. She has her bow out but no arrow, no ice powers are activated as well. Vinny just stick me in there somewhere & I'll respond to whatever you put on there.


sorry for the delay on this, really wanted to think about what I was gonna put before I actually typed, ha ha ::D:

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