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Silver Age Superheroes!


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I thought I would add some spice to the mix....That is if its okay with vinny...


Anyways! Here is my Hero!





Name: Jack Inferno


Cover: None He lives in the darkness and is always roaming the shadows of Vigil City.


Powers: Super Strength, UNDEAD!, Can Manifist Flame and manipulate it, Grows Stronger with the hate of his enemy, Grows Stronger in the dark, Can asorb the evil within a being to grow stronger, HAs a revolver that never needs to be reloaded and it shoots spirt energy.


Weakness: His main weakness is himself. He can not control his powers at times and can lose control and even attack the ones he loves. His past is also another weakness.




6 years ago Jack and his family where attending a halloween dinner party. He was with his wife his kids where out trick or treating. The party went on for some time and was very injoyable. When the cops came to the door and asked for Jack. "Sir, I have some bad news." Those where the words that changed jacks life. It seems while he was attending the party his kids where killed by some madman who calls himself the butcher. It seems the lunatic cut them up like cattle. Jack left the party and told his wife to go home. He got in his car and headed for the bad siad of town. He searched for hours that night and was determined to find and kill the person who murdered his two inoccent kids.


Bye midnight he had found where the sick person lived he walked inside to find him choping away at a small child. Wehn he looked closer he saw that it was his little girl. He blacked out and when he woke he was in a coffin underground. He could here a voice in his head saying....."You Are The Chosen"........."The Fallen"........"The Damned"...."ESACPE!!!!"


He could feel his hands get warmer and then nothing. He looked down to see flames he paniced and went to jump up and went striaght through the earth to the surface of a cematary. It seems he had died. In the choas with the butcher he ended up setting the place on fire. He was cuaght in the inferno and was found dead scorched holding the butchers head in his hadn and the butchers body was never found. The head looked like it was melted off of the torso. He walked over to a ofuntain and in the moonlight he saw his refelction......."WHY!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed. He then decided that he would turn this abomination he had become into a protecter of the weak...No more shall people suffer as he has.......

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