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D&D getting out of hand.


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Maybe it's just being old and crotchety, or jaded and cynical, but having grown up with the basic D&D and AD&D, I'm feeling cheated by all this 3.0 and 3.5 stuff.


The old books were black and white, and seemed like a grown up game played by adolescents. These new books have colorful kiddie art, and it seems the game is now for adolescents but played by adults who grew up with it back in the day. I'll take the black and white art from the original Fiend Folio over anything being churned out today.


Back in the day, a ghoul as a character was anathema to the idea of the game. Certain races and options were available, and you worked with what ya got, and in a real campaign, seldomn were invincible, and playing a corpse eating monster just wasn't an option.


I suppose the monster template is good for DM's wanting to use this as a villian, and could be useful, but I'm no longer even buying D&D books. One copy amongst a group is more than enough.


I'll stick with Warlord and Chronopia. Tabletop is where it's at. I can barely stay awake through D&D anymore; our Thursday night game thankfully is very chill, with good friends and cold beer. If I didn't have them, I think I wouldn't bother with 3.5 and ghoul templates at all.

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I can see that I am in the minority here. However, I think one of the redeeming qualities of the 3rd version of D&D is the variety and the possiblies that it offers. The idea of running a non-traditional campaign is appealing, rather then making your typical fighter-cleric-mage adventuring group, you can play an undead campaign, or a orc, or a ogre, or whatever your can imagine. And that's the point, they are just trying to supply the rules to fill whatever campaigns the legions of players can imagine. And as long as they enjoy it, good for them, no matter what F'ed up campaign they come up with.

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TWJ, you are not in the minority here (well, maybe we are in the minority.)


3.0 & 3.5 made it possible for the DM to rule on bizzare stuff that players will do. The skills & feats set were much needed. As was the correction to the Armor Class / BAB scale.


But much remains the same. Psyonics are still broken - I've been a good DM and tried, but that character has to die.


My biggest beef with the whole upgrade is that it is almost impossible to run a low magic campaign if you follow the core rules. Magic creation is terribly simple and quick and lead to munchkins running around with amulets of true strike and glasses of continuous true seeing and magic dectection and trap detection and other broken things that kinda take the joy out of the game for me.


Yes, house rules can be added - core races only, substitute months (or even years) instead of weeks in the magic creation tables. But then you have a players that play in several campaigns, but have to remeber the differences between each - starts getting un-standarded - especially if you DM for one of the "living" campaigns (strict rules at cons) as well as your home-brew one.

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