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The Coming of the Fog


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So I'm polishing out my homebrew world that I've been working on for a few months now. it was orignally for my friend's webboard, but since he and I seem to be the only ones who want to play, I figured I would extend the invititation to you folks here.


Hmmm.... his sight seems to be down, so I don't have a link to the info I have so far for anyone whos interested but I've been drawing a bit from the warhammer universe for a lil bit and some other sources as well. To start with it will probably be an undead scourge type campaign, maybe with some survival/horror themes.


I'll be using the 3.5 core rule books and eventually Stormwrack, once the adventure gets to that point. I'm looking for 2-4 players. all standard races (with a few changes; once again, I'll get a link to the info once my friend gets his sight up....) accepted.


It will probably be a rather slow paced game, with posts from me (the GM) 1-2 a week. Maybe more depending on my work schedule.


Any takers?

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Did you actually just say 'ambience'?














All kidding aside, though, Nym, I loved the last game you ran, short lived as it was, and I'm in this time. What level would you like my Dwarven Cleric to be?

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wow. Unglef you're good man. I've been doing a bit of retooling as far as raceds are concerned. and dwarves have cleric as their favored class instead of fighter. Its almost as if you read my mind (or my post on my friend's website, which I doubt).


I was thinking of starting people off at 2nd lvl...... Hmmm I need to set more information in stone....



More info to come, thanks for being patient.

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Well thats the thing. I don't have all the particulars. I'm rewriting alot of the basic info; like stuff on the player races. Not only their basic characteristics like the dwarve's stone cunning, but the physical description and stuff too. I have the dwarves and elves mostly done, but there is still more to come.


I'll see if I can find the info I've got typed up allready.

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