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Aaron the Conjurer

Painting Raven

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The blue flame is great- makes it so unworldly..cool!


One thing...are there demon faces in the flame? With open mouths?

I can't tell if they're really subtle in the sculpt or I'm seeing something not there.

I wish they were a bit more pronounced (if they're even there)..


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I was digging through old Show-Offs trying to find examples of Aaron the Conjurer now that several thousand of us got him in the Bones 2 Kickstarter.  Painting Raven, I don't know if you still stop by but this is an amazing example of OSL and how far you can push the light.  The color selection also makes it easy to see where the OSL is.  I wasn't planning on attempting OSL for the first time with this particular mini, but now I'm inspired to.  ^_^


I could learn to enjoy thread necromancy.  ::D:

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