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another twisted conversion


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Hey all before i finish up ROT TOT #2 I wanted to show everyone my second doll line called ROT TOT Minis The First one is called :devil: "Little Devil" :devil: . I'm only making 15 of these. They are alot smaller only about 8 inches high while the original line can be as big as 2 feet high. :blush::grr::blush: Anyway Comments please!









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Those blue eyes work perfectly... You are such a creative person. Not gross at all, really...



Thanks! Unforunately all the ones I do that are small all have blue eyes. I did find a site that sells doll eyes but I'm to lazy to look into it further right now.


Thanks again!

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You, um.....you kinda scare me dude. You play with dolls, and you're turning them into an army of evil. I don't know whether to laugh at you, or run in terror. Since I cant' choose, I'm going to just go in the corner and cry.


:lol::lol::lol: its cool, I just love twisting the world around me. :lol::lol::lol:

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