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Not really a Painting Q.


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I recently bought an Iron Golem, and a Demon Shark.


Problem is they came in peices, and I don't know what glue or how I should assemble them. I've never put a mini together before.


I've only paints ones that came in one peice.

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You have two options on glue. Super Glue or epoxy. For most miniatures Super Glue is a good choice, I prefer Zap-A-Gap by Pacer. For a joint that will need a lot of strength a good five minute epoxy is the best choice. Both of these should be available either at the game store where you bought them or at regular hobby shop.


First thing to do is to test fit the pieces and see how they are suppose to go together. Clean up any of the mold lines and flash that may be crossing the joint and interfering with the fit and sometimes a little filing and or cutting is necessary to insure a good fit.


Some joints may need to be pinned. There is a good tutorial on pinning here: Pinning


It is not always necessary to pin a joint. I'm not familiar with those two miniatures so I'm not sure if they would benefit or not.

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is a good tutorial on pinning.


My experience is that super glue will USUALLY work- but not always, and it's often hard to guess wether it will or won't. Meanwhile epoxy takes forever to set, and when you're using your hand for a clamp forever is a very long time. So overall my preference is superglue (zapagap, krazy glue, loctite 401) followed by superglue plus pin, followed by superglue plus industrial epoxy putty.

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I use a combination of super glue, green stuff (aka epoxy putty) and pinning, depending on the model.


If the pieces fit well and you have a good surface area matching, then super glue will *probably* work just fine.


If there's a slight gap then make a small pad of green stuff, put it between the pieces, and press them in place. Gently pull them apart and put in a drop of super glue. Press them back together and hold for a bit so it can set in place.


If there's a weight issue (pinning heavy metal wings, etc.) then pinning is probably your best bet. I'll do the green stuff/glue process as well as pin just to cover all the bases.


For most small figures I can get away with just glue or the green stuff/glue mix. Adding the arm on the mountain troll was just super glue because there was a (relatively) huge surface area of contact for the glue.


Read the articles linked above and come back with any questions. We also want to see your work as you go!

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