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Fantasy Football 2006 Recruiting Thread


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The Reaper Fantasy Football League is in its second season and looking for 1 to 3 more interested persons who would like to join in the fun.


A good portion of our league had never played fantasy football before last season, so don't let inexperience get in the way of joining in..


The league is free. We use ESPN's fantasy football site to run our league.




1. A good attitude and ability to commit to having fun for the 16 week regular season.

2. Should be available for a block of time (3-4 hours or so) on Sunday, August 27 at 3pm Central. This is for our LIVE draft which will be run entirely online using instant messenging.


Any questions or comments, feel free to post here or to contact me via PM or email.



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been really reading up on the fantasy mags at work (gotta love having almost free reign of a grocery store at night, ha ha)


now I just gotta think.........................


lookin forward to the season.



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Thought I'd try again in case someone missed it or was hesitant. We really need one more to have an even number of teams. And we REALLY do have fun and don't care if you haven't played before. We're very helpful for those who don't know what they're doing and just want to have fun and learn.


We'd even let Reaper Bryan back in if he asked really nicely and shared some of his wings!!

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