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Superman Returns


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Superman Returns...

In one word "Wow".


Both my wife and I absolutely loved it.

It may sound sacriligious (Sorry, General Zod) but I liked this one better than any of the original movies.


Now a word of warning to Superman fans, this is not the comic book Superman, this is not the Smallville Superman, while they do borrow elements from these (such as the heat vision effects from Smallville) this is a continuation of the Movie Superman.


It seems the writers went the Highlander approach and are pretending that the attrocities known as Superman III and IV never happened.(which is much appreciated)

Superman Returns takes place about five or six years after Superman II.

Kevin Spacey's Lex is a little darker version of Gene Hackman's Lex, and while the evil plan is just as hokey as Hakman's were, it doesn't really detract from the beauty of the film.


The special effects were simply beautiful, with some of the most realistic flying scenes I can remember, the slow motion bullet scenes were pretty damn cool, too.


I really didn't think I'd like Brandon Routh as Superman, but after seeing him in action, I'd have to say I like him the best, even better than Tom Welling, which from me is saying a lot. (Although I still think Rosenbaum is the best Lex.Period.)


The whole last hour I was in tears, and for you who went with me to see "Titantic", you know that's a pretty hard thing to do. ("Aw, Jeez, dude. Cheer up it was just a movie, things like that don't happen in real life. )


All in all, a awesome movie, one that I do not mind paying the exhorbant prices to go see again, and one that I will definately buy when it comes out on DVD.


Two thumbs up, up and away.

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Saw it on Tuesday Night @ 10:00pm on the IMAX 3D. Which comes to 4 parts of the movie done in 3D, BUT is worth it to see at least once.


Also loved the movie. Will be going to see it more times before it leaves the theater.


If you haven't gone to see it ... GO...



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[spoiler free]


Watched Superman... can't say that I "loved it" but "I liked it a lot."


The good: It had a lot, and I mean a lot of "wow golly gee that's cool!" moments. Lots of tributes and homages to the comic books and earlier Superman movies.


The bad: Pacing. This is a textbook example of why hollywood studios force directors to obey time constraints. If Bryan Singer had been forced to edit the theatrical release movie to around 120 minutes instead of the 157 that it is and then provide the other material in an extended length DVD later on... I think it would be the near perfect Superman movie.

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Some critics explain the pacing with the fact that the composer was also the editor and he wasn't able to give enough attention to both jobs. But I haven't seen it yet, so I'll stop there.

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I took my girlfriend to see it last night. We both thought it was very good but too long. I would definately agree that the pacing was off. I did not realize it was intended to pick up where Superman II left off, that is very interesting. I am glad it is ignoring Superman III & IV. It is definately worth seeing and I will be adding it to my DVD collection.



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NO Spoilers:

Spacey's Luthor is darker, but no less likeable. Rosenbaum's Luthor is hard to top, though.


Routh's Clark was spot on, his Superman was pretty good.


Homages ot the first 2 movies (Christopher Reeve's) abounded and were done respectfully.


Slowness didn't bother me, Hokeyness sdidn't bother me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If you liked Superman I and II, Consider this a superior, if 20 years later, Superman III.

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