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Kublacon 2006 Online Photo Gallery

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Kublacon 2006 was a tremendous success, and more than 2,100 attendees enjoyed the wide array of events.


Mini-Painting events were expanded greatly this year. Paint'n'Take tables were going round the clock from 9am to 9pm. Sponsors included Reaper, Crocodile, Dark Age, Abberant, GW, Mongoose, and Corvus Belli. P&T tables were manned by the Kublacon PaintHordes volunteers, who worked hard to ensure that everyone enjoyed themselves.




Eleven SpeedPainting Contests were held over the weekend with the winners invited back to a Sunday evening MasterClass Speedpainting Contest. Congrats to Derek Schubert for winning this event! Prizes were supplied by Kublacon, Justice Radio, Gamers Guild of Concord, and Wayne's Miniature Bases.


Seminars were held all weekend for eager students. Four different sculpting classes were taught by Matt Gubser. Painting seminars were held by Marike Reimer, Laszlo Jakusovszky, and Dan Smith. And a terrain-building seminar by Steve MacLean.


A new Kublacon special edition miniature was unveiled of our KublaDude mascot...sculpted by Matt Gubser.




The KublaAwards painting competition featured an impressive array of stunningly painted miniatures. 27 KublaTrophies were awarded. Winning entries pics were projected onscreen during the awards ceremony as the painter recieved their trophies. Best of Show award went to Marike Reimer for her "Feral Fairy" by Werner Klockes' Freebooter, when she was awarded the coveted KublaSword.




We hope you enjoy perusing the online gallery, and hope to see you at Kublacon 2007!





Wayne Rogers

Kublacon Mini-Painting Coordinator




Kublacon 2006 online photo gallery

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