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Testor's brush on Dull Cote

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For anyone that may be looking for it like me, I found the brush on version of Dull-Cote at HobbyTown USA in Plano, TX. I don't know if they'll all have it, but I think most of them have alot of the Testor's stuff, so maybe.


Just thought I'd share.



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That's how I'll be using it. I have an M41 model tank kit I'm almost done with and a bunch of starship minis I worked on yesterday that are almost ready to start sealing.


As for the Lacquer thing, the brush on stuff says to thin it with lacquer thinner. This is the same stuff I use to clean my airbrush with, it'll remove dried acrylics. Hopefully it won't do the same to my minis :unsure:


Isn't the key to using disparate paints and sealers and all that in making sure the paint underneath is fully cured, not just dry? Anybody know?

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I believe it's the same formula. It is lacquer based.


For best results, the bottled stuff should be used with airbrushes.


regular spray can Testors DullCote describes itself as a "Flat Lacquer Overcoat".


I was told at my local hobby store that the bottled DullCote should only be used with an airbrush since it can dissolve and remove the underlying paint if brushed on (so sayeth Venture Hobbies).

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Moosey, because you can control the mix with the airbrush a lot better than you can with the spray can, thus reducing the risk of problems (the Evil Speckles or The Dreaded Frost). ::): You can also control the thickness of the application (reducing the risk of pooling). But yeah, it's too much cleanup for me. :;):



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