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Combat System (d20, cyberpunk etc)


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What aspects of the d20 system don't you like, or think need improving?


The unrealistic gunfight in d20. Hmm on top of my head: being able to survive a grenade eventhough it's on top of you. I'm looking for a fast-paced, somewhat realistic combat mechanism as opposed to the the "keep rolling dice until you one drops"


Now i'm not bashing d20 or dnd, I've been playing it for a long-time now but for the purpose of this campaign, I would just like something different

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Maybe adapt the Silhouette system?


In combat, you get to dodge (thus hitting someone is an opposed skillcheck). Next you take your margin of success (i.e. how well you beat your opponents roll) and multiply it by the weapon.s damage modifier. Compare this to the armor; anything greater than but less than TWICE the armor is minor damage; anything between twice as much and THREE times as much is major damage; anything 3+ times is Overkill and the character is DEAD.




Character 1 has a to-hit bonus of +5 with a pistol

Character 2 has a DEX modifier of +3

There are no situational modifiers.

Character 1 rolls to his...gets a 17 (12+5)

Character 2 rolls to dodge...gets a 12 (9+3).

Character 1's MOS is 5 (17-12).

Character 2 is wearing body armor with an armor score of 15.

Character 1 is using a pistol (Damage x4)

Character 1 therefore scores 20 (in Liight Damage range). He gets to roll on the Light Damage table, and character 2 must reduce armor by 1 (wear and tear).


A lot of these numbers are arbitrary, and definitely not balanced. But it gives you an idea.


BTW, in my scenario there are NO HPs!



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For realstic Combat and weapons damage, I've always found GURPS to be the king of the hill.


Not to mention they have sourcebooks for literally everything, from Swords and Sorxery to Modern Day special ops to far future space opera to superheroes to post apocalyptic survivors.

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I tried posting this earlier but didn't get to finish.


You should look into the Rune Quest rules. This is what I consider a definate step up from AD&D rule system. The rules made sence and the encomberance of your character actually means something. No more I will load up my character and behave as if I was carring nothing.

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