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Warlord Tourniment @ GENCON?

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Since my painting skills are a few steps below crap :lol: , I would LOVE to see someone paint their army tye-dyed. You know, invoke the power of the Grateful Dead!! :lol::bday:


I did see a Warhammer 40K army once that was painted like various Sesame Street characters. :lol:


Wild Bill :blues:

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The tourney rules state "official proxy, conversion and paint rules apply".

I wasn't aware we had official paint rules. Did I miss that? What are they?


sorry, I got the basic short answer up, but neglected to copy over the full answer.



This is a Warlord Single Elimination Tournament. Prizes for Top Four Finishers. Fourth Place $25 Reaper Gift Certificate. Third Place $50 Reaper Gift Certificate. Second Place $100 Reaper Gift Certificate and Plaque. First Place $200 Reaper Gift Certificate and Plaque.


1500 Points, no troop limits, 90 minute timed rounds. All rounds will be 1 on 1 battles played on 4x4 tables. One roster change is allowed during preliminary rounds only, however player's roster is then not alterable.


Bounty Points accumulated through game play will determine the winner of each timeslot. "Last Round and Count 'Em Up" will be called at the 1 hours and 20 minute mark. The Final Battle will be a "Kill 'Em All"


We will be using the following Rules: The Core Rule Book, all Released Faction Books and published errata. Conversions are allowed as long as the event judge is able to identify the legs and upper body/torso of the base model. The base model must be a legal model for the game. The figures need to at least be painted using the commonly accepted "three color" rule. Base coat/primer counts as one of the colors. Official Proxy rule applies.

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